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LongestSoloEver LIVE – 100k Special Concert Stream – Friday Night Funkin Guitar Covers

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We’re celebrating 100,000 subscribers with a special concert stream, playing all your favorite Friday Night Funkin’ tunes, along with some other classics.

0:00 Intro
2:36 Roses (Friday Night Funkin’)
4:30 Thorns (FNF)
6:49 Release (FNF)
9:37 MILF (FNF)
12:00 Flying Battery Zone (Sonic & Knuckles)
15:10 Zavodila / Casanova (FNF: Mid-Fight Masses)
20:35 ASGORE (Undertale)
25:28 Robotnik Medlay (Sonic 1, 2, 3)
29:30 Ugh (FNF)
31:01 Stress (FNF)
33:24 Guns (FNF)
36:05 MEGALOVANIA (Undertale)
40:08 Hangout


  1. I really love those sonic tracks, especially the sonic 3 ones ah
    And the undertale ones too

  2. Are gonna do my Rick roll request cause I need to Rick roll my friend

  3. I'll have to show up to the 200k sub livestream next month! Good stuff man

  4. 100K is a milestone! Congratulations, keep rockin'! 🤘

  5. longestsoloever I do not know if you can play the second song of Garcello vs the boyfriend

  6. Watched the live earlier today/night and was hella cool ^^

  7. congratulations for the 100.000 subscribers❤

  8. When I heard Flying battery, nostalgia took over me…

    When I heard the robotnik medley, I was fricking out…

    When I heard Megalovania, I was lying on the floor dead!

  9. Why did you disable timestamp on video? They were very useful.

  10. I'm watching the whole stream and just comment "Guns" at the beggining of Guns song, "ASCENDED" when this is ascend to heaven in Guns song and "You're gonna have a BAD TIME" in Megalovania

  11. Really bummed I couldn't join since I had classes. But I can watch the VOD and already I can tell I'm going to enjoy this.

  12. David Valencia 🐝 • hace 10 años says:

    Felicidades papasote 💯

  13. cuando veo que esta zavodilla ahora si se viene lo chido

  14. Espiritualidad y Vedanta EN ESPAÑOL says:

    Amazing!!!! Wonderful… What a POWER my brother…. Thank you so much 🙏 my son an I enjoy very much this concert… my son follow your 8BitsSolo Channel… he want hear Spookez 16 Bits Genesis 😊 please… and I want a Metal Cover of God Eater from Shaggy Mod 😏… CONGRATULATIONS for the 100k! 😊 God bless you always… 🙏❤🌴♫

  15. Thanks for reply to me when I was on stream during the hangout session! You Rock! 🤘

  16. Noice
    And what I love about garcello part
    Garcello sounds like he went to close in a mic

  17. Wow I just cannot believe how much you've grown- I subbed when you were at like 42k and now you're at 112k like WOAHH you've grown so much AND fast

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