MANIFEST Friday Night Funkin But it's Anime Sky vs BF part 3 │ FNF ANIMATION -

MANIFEST Friday Night Funkin But it’s Anime Sky vs BF part 3 │ FNF ANIMATION

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MANIFEST FNF but it’s Anime!
SKY VS GF & BF part 3

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Art Contributor


Voice Over

Cougar Macdowall VA




Original Mod by Bbpanzu:

Manifest Remix by RetroSpecter:

Manifest Instrumental By Geshtro:

Manifest Remix by HotRacer652:

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  1. Well I be super duper darned with the OG of Manifest

  2. Bueno días 🔴 [email protected] me gustó ese video Gracias por mandarme lo faltó tu nuevo video estreno NEXT TROLLGE JJ VS BT ANIME NUEVA MÚSICA PAEDOPHOBIA ESTRENO COMPLETO ME LO MANDES EL MENSAJE LA FOTO YOUTUBE ADIÓS 😇🙏👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️ MUY PRONTO

  3. hey pol why don't you make an animation of Markov's DDLC Bad ending?
    it would be nice

  4. Um can i ask a question why does it feel like gf is mean

  5. Pol can you do a part 4 but instead of them getting put into a random place a portal opens up and selever comes out of it. Then Bunzo and Mommy long legs come out. After that they will fight

  6. Você Oi agora você vai pagar Ah é a transformação obrigatória da sua música cala a boca você consegue mudar as coisas muda a realidade mas não consegue criar um namorado ninguém é você agora você vai engolir essas palavras piranha do cabelo de fogo Vai se lascar sua creia tá bom namorado você está sendo um pouco malvado com você não não se preocupe vai querer namorado não é mais estressada não Sky Eu amo a girlfriend

  7. Nah bro after fighting a serious opponent OK were done here let's get Wendy's

  8. Great animation bro
    but i still sussed out bout why selever is in skys mind😭

  9. Me gustó tu animación de boyfriend vs sky me encantó

  10. gf acting high and mighty but still got one shot by selever😭

  11. I like the fact that both BF and Sky share same traits:
    They are blue haired
    Have same fighting style
    Get corrupted when overwhelmed by anger

  12. ✨WoW te esfuerzas mucho asiendo estás animaciones y me gustaría seguir viendo más animaciones no importa cuánto te tardes lo esperaré con ansias ❤️✨
    ✨Eres genial😋✨

  13. I love the details how do you do that. PS this is my favorite song in fnf

  14. I’m sorry Sky you forced me to do it🫤

  15. Just a reminder for anyone who never saw this guy videos before, he makes all of these with just a mouse

  16. Hello, I really love your videos. I could take a part where Selever and Sky fight with boyfriend plis 😁

  17. I love how Selever is desperately trying to destroy BF buy giving special powers to other players. This suits up the "story" that hides behind Selever and Rasazy. Knowing they live in a lonely void only able to look at the other dimensions that exist through out FNF through portals. It's a funny idea to see him travel from place to place just to get his revenge. Even though Selever did destroy bf in his own realm in that one mashup Pol made. In all and all, keep the good work and I am very entertained by your potential so far, it's so aesthetic to watch what your animations can bring to the whole world Pol!

  18. OK it was really difficult but I felt a boyfriend boyfriend find out if somebody was controlling her and technically sky didn't want me to do the bad thing I didn't want to I wanted to have a boyfriend but it's because Sarah could control her I was hoping he find out because that's good I was where I really wanted that was not good

  19. YES I've been waiting for this fight and it did not disappoint thank you pol

  20. yea this is better than the other parts this anime is incredible🔥

  21. Today it's my birtday and this is the perfect gift

  22. We gonna ignore the fact that 3:14 was a baryon mode naruto reference

  23. We gonna ignore the fact that 3:14 was a baryon mode naruto reference

  24. Sky is very lucky that GF didn't decide to join in.

  25. the act and the graphics is so will done and the ideas 💡 good job bruh

  26. Now that's some high quality! I'm blown away by how good that was!

    Man, Selever sure holds a grudge.

  27. this animation is so nice🤩

    what happen to the mid fight masses series

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