MARIO 85' / MX | Friday Night Funkin': Vs. Mario.exe -

MARIO 85′ / MX | Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Mario.exe

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  1. I like how girlfriend despite being a demon is still scared lol

  2. Small problem and my only problem. Why is gf scared.

  3. Question:is this for a different mod or is it from MMNM

  4. I feel like a good song title would be Innocence or something.

  5. Been looping this song for a bit, loving the final few seconds of the beat

  6. THIS MUSIC IS SO GOOD mind telling me the name of the mod so I can find it on yt when it comes out?

  7. This is what would it look when gf and bf where stuck in the game instead of lucas

  8. I hope mario dolor gets a spot like those 1 song charecters in sonic.

  9. This is great!! I want the full version!

  10. This mod looks epic, just like the first leak of this mod hehehe

  11. Anyone notice they got the color of his clothes switched wrong?

  12. With all these, I kinda wanna see a toolate.exe mod

  13. This needs to come out and I'll guess the song. 85 Or Darkness

  14. Dude I am so damn hyped for this, this is probably going to be the next big thing alongside the Sonic.exe mod, I'm calling it right now its looks that damn good

  15. Haha funny space bar gimmick go brrrrr

  16. it would be cool if halfway through he broke the ground and did the wahoo thing

  17. So we can see the creepy bush and cloud but we see Luigi in the background dead so we don’t really know Luigi died in the original game so I’m wondering if that Luigi head will stay there or get removed if the original game gets a update

  18. It has a perfect loop
    Also the left animation is based off when trying to quickly change direction while running in the 2D Mario games

    Also seems lil brotha failed him

  19. Holy shit this must be one of the good looking mods out there, daaaaamn

  20. Man I sure do love seeing a kids soul trapped inside Luigi's body only for Luigi to be put on a stick

  21. Original:Lucas escape
    Fnf version: Lucas dies ( or maybe that is only Luigi idk :/)

  22. Relase day o dia de publicacion

  23. Love how the back animation is Mario’s stopping animation after running it’s a nice touch

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