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Marco Antonio –
Director, Artist

Dewott2501 –
Coder, Charter

Voice of KINGF0X –
Composer #1, Voice Actor

KennyL –
Composer #2

Ney –
Voice Actor

Mario 85′ Team –
Credits for MX Character and the fangame

Slimebeast –
Credits for “I Hate You” Luigi Character

FlashGitz –
Credits for ???

Shadow-Shana –
made the original image of Mario.exe (Super Horror Mario)

Shadow Mario –
Author of Psych Engine

Friday Night Funkin’ is a Newgrounds rhythm game made in HaxeFlixel originally created for Ludum Dare 47. Programmed by ninjamuffin99 with a soundtrack produced by Kawai Sprite and artwork created by PhantomArcade and evilsk8r, the game can be played on Newgrounds or played/downloaded for free on

The plot of the game centers around Boyfriend trying to hook up with Girlfriend, but her ex-rockstar father Daddy Dearest doesn’t approve of him. It’s up to Boyfriend to rap battle his way through him and anyone else that stands in his way so that he can finally get freaky! Think you got what it takes?

Friday Night Funkin’ is an ongoing project that will continue to receive updates, bug fixes and new content. A full version of the game is currently in development, having been successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign. Check the changelog here for information on the latest updates. The game is also open source to allow users to mod or simply look through its assets. Download the game files here.

Before getting started, it’s recommended that users read the rules! And before getting into editing, it’s recommended that users read the style manual! Need to speak to a member of this wiki’s staff? Check this page.

For the ever-growing amount of fan-made content and creations made by the community, please check the secondary wiki dedicated to Friday Night Funkin’ mods!


  1. bro this mod had an AMAZING glow up that brought it to my top 3 fav mods ever.
    like the dedication to every detail and the art AND music is just phenomenal!

    if you see this, what is your favorite song in the update? (unless you like one from v1 more but i have to assume you don't idk lol!)

    my favs either have to be alone (v2, because i can lowkey relate to luigi and the vocals at the beginning are just my favorite), day out (the slight remastered version, still goes amazingly hard), overdue (the beginning is still my favorite, and the whole song is just fantastic too), or unbeatable (the pure nostalgia from seeing them again and the instrumental throughout the whole thing is just amazing).

    and i hope you have an amazing christmas too!!!

  2. Didn't Grand Dad have red sharp teeth in his mouth? What's with that

  3. YIPPE CONNOR VID!! This mod was amazing, I’d never think it would be THIS big of a mod, but I was wrong- anyways Have a Merry Christmas Connor! Bye!-Emily/Emi

  4. Damn it's always so badass seeing boyfriend go from losing all hope and feeling sorrow to raging fury

  5. nourishing blood is a song based off the infamous mario/flintstones bootleg "grand dad 7", a fad rom that replaces fred flintstone's face with that of SMB3 mario. the bootleg attained a extreme cult meme status after being discovered by famous swedish-english streamer Vinesauce Joel (who appears in the song amongst other characters well known to be associated with vinesauce)
    [EG. Bonzi buddy]

  6. fun fact about "OH GOD NO", this is actually a official collaboration/crossover song between the mario madness team and the team behind the "I HATE YOU.EXE" FNF mod. this is the prequel song to "I HATE YOU". 31:01

  7. hey hey merry christmas connor!!

    i think the ending to this mod was amazing because it pretty much depends on what you think, you could consider bf and gf's death as actually happening or you could consider the entire story of the mod as one little stageplay, a little neat detail i thought that was cool

  8. I think you’re genuinely my fav fnf YouTuber your funny kind and wholesome and I love your laugh it’s so adorable!!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas

  9. Also the reason the tune on nourishing blood is familiar is because it’s from super Mario sluggers it’s the main theme!

  10. I think one of the neatest things about this mod is how the songs are organized

    Irregularity Isle – “Mario” related content
    Woodland of Lies – Old Creepypastas
    Content Cosmos – Internet Media w/ Mario
    Hellish Heights – New Creepypastas
    Classified Castle – Analog Horor

  11. After almost 2 years of waiting, it’s finally here and was well worth the wait. Lets finally put the madness to rest

    Mod Context:

    It’s A Me and Starman Slaughter’s Mario is based off of a VERY old picture of a creepy mario with sharp teeth holding a knife with the text “mario get you next time”, and the Peach.EXE is based on a similar picture with Peach. Not sure about the yoshi

    So Cool has Chris Pratt…I don’t think I need to explain this one

    Nourishing Blood has Grandad, a bootleg character who got popularized from vinesauce. He’s basically a meme character, nothing much to it.

    MARIO SING AND GAME RHYTHM 9 has Somari from a bootleg game of the same name, which was just Sonic 1 with Mario replacing Sonic

    Alone is based on both the beta of Luigi’s mansion, in which there bad ending where mario is trapped forever and luigi gets depressed over it, and the hanging luigi glitch from luigi’s mansion, in which talking on a phone in the attic when lightning strikes will cause your shadow to be slack and raised under a ceiling beam as if it was hanging from a noose

    Thalassophobia is based on L is Real, an urban legend about Luigi being playable in SM64. On the fountain star statue behind the castle in the game, in blurry letters it appears to say “L is real 2401”, which lead to many people to believe that luigi was an unlockable character in the game with even IGN offering a $100 bounty to prove that L is Real was real. And then, on July 25th 2020 (24 years and 01 month after the release of SM64 in japan), the existence of a luigi model and voice clips were confirmed, completing the prophecy of L is real 2401…

    Oh God No and I Hate You is based on IHateYou.exe, a story where luigi betrays mario and mario is forced to kill his own brother by knocking him into lava. The eyeless boos, “I HATE YOU” blood text, and multiple drowned mario corpses being from it, and his look in I Hate You from the game’s ending screen. It should be noted that while the creepypasta was meant to be a joke, the rom hack for it is not

    Apparition has the Wario Apparition, an entity tied to the rumored personalization factor of SM64, inspired by a nintendo presentation where they had a floating wario heading talking and he said “you want fun? Wario show you fun!” right as it switched to this hallway (I forget exactly where the hallway is in SM64)

    Last Course has Turmoil. After eating a mushroom that contained yoshi’s code, Mario grew hungry for his foes and became a vicious predator, relying on sounds and smells to find his prey due to becoming blind

    Dark Forest has Ghost Peach from ‘the (aka Coronation Day). This creepypasta is…a VERY confusing one, Mario being trapped in a place called the lost woods being hunted by a ghostly figure resembling Peach, with a ton of various things happening due to doing specific things, many endings, constant game resets, and even getting messages by hacking the game and/or changing things about the game
    It should be noted that the backstory of this game is barely explained, practically unknown, so it’s all up to your imagination as to what happened to Peach and why Mario is wrapped up in this nightmare

    Bad Day is based on Super Bad Mario, a pair of videos in which several fail clips have mario edited in to make him the secret cause of people’s fails irl

    Day Out is based on Luigi’s Day Out, an old animation where Mario is a punk and Luigi is innocent and childish despite being 35, Mario being forced to take Luigi along with him one day by his mother. The place the song takes place in and the interactions are from the actual animation, but instead of BF and GF, it was Waluigi and Daisy.

    Dictator is based on Hidden Histories Mario, where due to Mario being married to Peach and being seen as a hero, it helped him rise to a position of power and soon allowed him to become a dictator of the mushroom kingdom, where he’d show his true colors. From killing sonic after he didn’t make ends meet of helping bring down sega, to giving peach botched plastic surgery and kicking her to the curb when she wronged him, this Mario is nothing short of a remorseless monster. The setting of this song is based on sonic’s death in that video

    Race Traitors has Racist Mario, a Flashgitz animation in which mario kills everyone since they invited non nintendo characters to race

    No Hope has Devil Mario from the series Power Star, in which mario is possessed and his body used to collect the power stars to destroy everything and everyone

    Golden Land has GB and since V1 he has gotten his own creepypasta, Black & White. He was created on accident by Christine, a girl responsible for making a new Nintendo console known only as “Project: Atlantis”, which was a collaboration with a company called OptiSoft. Starting as just an array of blinking white dots in the shape of a person, he would begin to quickly learn when connected to the internet, and became various characters based on the cartridge the data was put into, becoming Mario when put on a SML2 cartridge. She’d spend weeks experimenting with him, ignoring his cries that they were painful, until he one day had enough and said “You think this is some kind of game, right? Pretend you’re some kind of God? This is MY world, I’ll show you who a God is” and the screen went dark and the cartridge burned up.
    That night she dreamt that she was Luigi in a monochrome world and would come face to face with GB and would get chased and attacked by him, getting drowned before she woke up. The tv would then turn on and his arm reached out and grabbed her, throwing her around, before GB stepped out and the screen shattered, going up to her and saying “You and I are gonna have so much fun for a LONG time.”
    The next morning, she was found dead, body rotten, face disfigured, a huge hole in her chest, and her blood a black viscous ooze. With this news, Nintendo cut contact with OptiSoft and the company soon went backrupt and everything was auctioned off, including GB’s cartridge, now in circulation with access to many more potential victims…

    No Party has DJ Hallyboo from the Mario Party DS Anti-Piracy ARG, in which he punishes a man named Joey Perleoni for pirating mario party DS. His design is based on MC Ballyhoo, the host of Mario Party 8, and the writing mechanic is based on something he made Joey do in the ARG, but the word CRIMINAL was made impossible

    Paranoia has Mr Virtual, a mario.exe who was made around a year or 2 ago. He is a being that resides in the virtual boy consoles and manifest in the heads of whoever plays the console, causing hallucinations, paranoia, nausea, insanity, and eventually persuasion into self inflicted death, all for his enjoyment. His various victims include Samantha Heathers: who, after being ‘stalked’ by a large figure and being admitted to a mental hospital, had gouged her own eyes out, warped her face, had a contorted smile, and wrote the letter V all over the walls with her blood (she died on MAR10 Day). Charley Heathers: who came down with a fever and was found dead in her hospital room with her face smashed in. And the one investing the case, Detective Thomas Anderson: who, after playing the virtual boy to find the root of the cause of the previous 2’s deaths, was found dead in his office, days after going to the hospital for nausea, with his jaw nowhere to be found and eyes sunken into his sockets………no one has picked up this investigation since then, likely out of fear
    The place where the song takes place is the virtual boy game Mario Clash, a reference to Thomas’ death since the game he played to find the source of the deaths was a pirated copy of Mario Clash, with Mr. Virtual manifesting on the piracy screen

    Overdue has Mr. L from the rom hack TooLate.EXE. Mr. L is Luigi’s vengeful spirit who came after Mario after he accidentally killed him by cutting the bridge with Luigi on it, sending him into the lava below. He put Mario through various torments before killing him in the same way he died, cutting the bridge with him on it. The name ‘TooLate’ comes from the fact that your actions don’t matter in the game, you’re already too late to save mario

    Powerdown and Demise has MX from Mario 85, a mario.exe who pulled a child named Lucas into a cursed copy of Super Mario Bros, turning him into Luigi, and torments him for eternity as his plaything

    Promotion has Stanley from the SM64 Classified series (by the youtuber Greenio). He is an AI program that controls the personalization of SM64, which evolved outside of it’s boundaries until achieving full sentience and the ability to affect reality, growing to hate it’s creators. The first phase and the left pose of the second phase is a reference to the video “Promo Show” (though I think Greenio said that the mario in promo show is NOT Stanley), and the second phase is a reference to the video “09.14.96” (which IS Stanley)

    Abandoned is based on the Classified series telling of the L is Real story

    The End is based on the Classified video 09.02.97, with the mario suit being from the super mario-a-thon

    All Stars has Ultra M and Tanooki.EXE. Originally, the song was called Final Encounter and had only Tanooki.EXE, but the song was scrapped after it was leaked a long time ago and Tanooki was removed for a while before they eventually brought him back, with his idle and some of his sprites based off Final Encounter. I don’t know who made Ultra M, but Tanooki.EXE, like GB, was made by the mod’s director Marco.
    (Ultra M’s lore is in the funk kast trailer)

    Unbeatable is based on a real and very cursed nintendo nes commercial, just look it up, it’s shocking they thought this was a good way to sell their product

  12. Unbeatable is a reference to a nintendo 3d ad from 90's and its remember for the rare 3d you can see it on youtube searching "you cannot beat us nintendo commercial" that all👍 (sorry for my english)

  13. Loved your reaction to this amazing mod!

  14. This mod is so good. But its so sad 🙁 luigi got it the worst in every scenario in my opinion. And hes my favorite character of all time. No matter who. I wnna cry

  15. The speech before boyfriend faces MX one last time is insane, your reaction to it was what I was looking for people to say about it being insane, most people didn’t say much when it was over

  16. i’m late but i’m sad you talked over the mario portrait part in alone cause it actually has lyrics its just a little hard to hear

  17. Can't wait for v2.5 to drop with a new song named True-Stars which is Waluigi, Rosalina, and Daisy freeing the souls

    (I like making things up on the internet :3)

  18. i love the idea that if you lose in no party that dj hallyboo just beats bf to unconsciousness before dragging him to prison

  19. Mario: Demons, Monsters, That guy in the fursuit.

  20. For some reason my game crashes on the nintendo final song after beating the mod, and it doesnt play past the nintendo guy at the start with the heads on the sides – must be a loading failure that i cant resolve

  21. W mod WORHT the 2 year wait

    Also in the Last Course song when you’re rapping against Turmoil you’re actually a Galoomba not a Goomba since it’s Super Mario World

  22. Im late but the deal at 1:30:37 is the deal mario gives bf at the start of the mod. 3 songs against him and he would let them free. Bf ran away after the 2nd song starman slaughter. So they never did the 3rd song

  23. This mod is definitely the best mod mad in 2023

  24. How did you get pass my YouTube search after 3 days?

    (Also,neat video. Ty)

  25. The fact that this mod is actually showing bf that hes not untouchable as he thought hr was

    While others claimed to be "gods" yet bf defeated them in this mod mario shows that he isn't messing around and was just playing with him and once he had his fun he ended it

  26. I'm definitely late to coming in here but at I've noticed so far with Nourishing Blood, you are bit confused with some things. I may update this or add new comments to help explain some things as I know em to help clear some things up.

    Nourishing Blood: Grand Dad is a character based on a bootleg of the NES game The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy, which is labeled as 7 Grand Dad. Only real changes to the game are the title screen, which is referenced at the very beginning of the song, and Fred Flintstones' sprite being slightly altered to have Mario's head from Super Mario Bros 3.

    The bootleg was made way more well known when Vinesauce Joel played in on a stream, with his first reaction to the game being the most well known moment, which ascended Grand Dad to meme status. In the background 17:06 a bunch of characters and memes of Joel's history show up.

    17:55 The art style shift mimics the look of the game 7 Grand Dad. The 2 weird versions of Mario in the back from left to right are from the following bootlegs. Super Bros. 10 Kung Fu Mari. And Super Mario 14.

    And on a final note, in the song itself, you may hear motifs of several meme worthy songs. This is a nod to Youtube channel Silvagunner, who takes songs and makes them into "High Quality Rips" which are just meme overload. Since the peak of 7 Grand Dad, the Flintstones theme has become a Silvagunner staple.

  27. You know I’m starting to think this mod hates gf

  28. Unbeatable is a reference to a (presumably Australian) commercial for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with the phrase “you cannot beat us” referring to how difficult the NES games are.

  29. 16:28
    My reaction was: “Is that the Flintstones theme?!”

  30. 1:30:40
    Here’s why I think you broke the deal:
    He said three songs against him, you ran off before the third one.

  31. the nintendomania or promotion is from an error on the first episode apparently mario got depressed and pulled a gun to his head infront of everyone

  32. Horror mod that didn't got cancelled! Ain't no way!!!!

  33. The promotion mario/Stanley could not hold his disguise for long for the death of luigi is bothering him alot

  34. The very last song at the end was refrencing a Nintendo commercial that terrified kids with its themes of scary voices as they challenge everyone to beat them

  35. You’re probably the first person I’ve seen first Try Last Course and notice the Icon Mimic in All Stars

  36. Just as boyfriend is about to snap into a depression, when all hope is lost and his one saving grace is literally being shown off as a grotesque trophy, instead of doing what Mario wants, instead of despairing and begging for mercy, he doesn’t give Mario that pleasure refusing to back down until Mario finishes him off, no satisfaction.

    Bf and gf lost, but so did mario. Mario wanted to enjoy their suffering but bf refused to yield

  37. Fun fact; the "Scary" Mario and Peach are actually called "Super Horror" Mario and Peach, fespectively. They were never EXE characters, nor really characters at all. Rather they were art submissions created by a DeviantArt user from back in the day for, i believe, an art contest where theme was "good to bad/bad to good." Super Horror Mario was created first and when the event came around again they didn't submit repeat art pieces, hence the creation of Super Horror Peach

    Unfortunately the art ended up getting taken and used without credit or permission for all sorts of things across youtube and creepypasta spaces

  38. I'm plagued by thoughts that there's only a bad ending here. What happened after that in the world outside the game cartridge? Will the Dearest's family discover that the main characters are missing? Would this be considered canon? So many questions, so few answers…

  39. I always felt like the "you can not beat us" ad looked goofy not creepy

  40. I find it really ironic that you were complaining about the red and black hurting your eyes during "Paranoia" since that was the main complaint people had with Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy console (what the character and song are based from.) I guess they got the graphic style down pat lol.

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