Mario's Here to TORMENT ME FOREVER | Friday Night Funkin' VS Mario's Madness -

Mario’s Here to TORMENT ME FOREVER | Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Madness

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Today we are playing Friday Night Funkin’. This mod is called Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mario’s Madness , We are going to be playing the first 1 week on HARD.

VS Mario’s Madness Download link:

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  1. Mario’s insane he just bodied you with that pow blok

  2. First, (This is the earliest I have ever been!)

  3. This mod reminds me of the Vs Sonic.EXE mod… also great video!

  4. Nice vid! I suggest playing the new Vs. Isaac update next.

  5. Great video

    Just to say can play the new jacknutrion Arg pibby twilight mod it's amazing

    It will be great if you play it

  6. I can give an explanation on why Luigi is so sad (That is if I remember it correctly)

    In the Beta Version of Luigi's Mansion, there was a time limit to beat the game. If the time ran out Mario would be lost forever in the mansion and Luigi would become depressed.

    I would go on but the Wiki for this mod already has all the answers so make sure to check it out if you're interested

  7. That last Mario is from a YouTube animation called Racist Mario. Pretty funny but also very bloody.

  8. Mod context:
    The first mario.exe’s model is based off of a VERY old picture of a creepy mario with sharp teeth holding a knife with the text “mario get you next time”, and the bloody 1ups in the game would make you vomit up bloody and die, so you had to jump over them
    The first luigi is from IHateYou.exe, a short game where mario is forced to kill his own brother by drowning him in lava, the eyeless boos, “I HATE YOU” blood text, and multiple corpse marios being from it
    The second luigi is from the beta game over screen in luigi’s mansion, where I believe he becomes a ghost and he looks similar to that, also it wasn’t shown here, but halfway through the song it would start thunderstorming, and when lightning struck, occasionally you would see lightning strike and a shadow of a hanged bf would appear, this is a reference to a famous luigi’s mansion glitch, where whenever lightning struck while talking on a phone in the attic, your shadow would be elevated and slack right under a ceiling beam, as if it was hanging by a noose
    The next one is the Wario Apparitions, a famous super mario 64 anomaly that appears on personalized copies, appearing in the 30 star door in the basement and chasing mario down a near endless hallway, it is said it can also cause the player stroke-like symptoms and memory loss
    Next is MX, the mario.exe of Mario 85 and is basically mario.exe’s Lord X
    And lastly is Racist Mario, a version of mario from a very popular old animation, and he’s racist towards non nintendo characters and violent towards everyone, viewer discretion is advised when watching that animation

  9. last song is basically if bf was in racist mario (a animation)

  10. Last song is reference to racist mario

  11. The last song was from the video called racist mario

  12. Bruh where u running TO its an endless hallway 🤣

  13. Bro Daisy didn’t die Mario died it’s because Luigi ran out of time to see if his brother Mario became a ghost so Luigi become a ghost and that’s the game over but that was a bad taste in Nintendo got rid of it because it was too scary

  14. Slight note, notice how the entire overlay seems like its a lot smaller than usual? This is a rare bug that happens with every FNF mod ever, including the OG. If you ever see it, reset the game to fix it.

  15. I couldn't wait for you to play this mod its amazing

  16. Is Wario Scary? WA HA HA HA HA HA. You are fast but Wario is faster, loser.

  17. 17:16 if you dont know that luigi is from luigis mansion beta game over
    (If i remember)

  18. (I'm the Mario.exe voice actor) sorry for the problem with the effects- hope you enjoyed this mod tho!

  19. why are you zoomed out? It messes up the background

  20. Why is it zoomed out so much it looks really bad

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