Meet Nikusa is Very Chill | Friday Night Funkin -

Meet Nikusa is Very Chill | Friday Night Funkin

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Friday Night funkin

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  1. Bro I am in a add when typing this and I have the cameras wiped out📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷

  2. Also I wasn't staring at assets I was looking at my foot which is submerged in very cold water

  3. I know the original Creator to this one he's a YouTuber and a voice actor for comic dubs. And let me tell you his thumbnails are very very sus. And I don't like it :/

  4. I’m betting that in the first month of this mods official release there will be 100 pages filled with “art” on a certain website.

  5. bro I did expect him to put the meme where the guy hump his desk I was laughing so hard from that I was crying

  6. Sorry i want to be nice but~

  7. I that's not her head that's somebody's else's head that that's just somebody's shoulders right hahaha. 0:51

  8. she is not nikusa's daughter she is the prototype for nikusa

  9. I love you legacy keep up the good work ❤️

  10. Abongus
    Friday Night Funkin
    I don't know

  11. Keep it up and there's a new huggie woogie mod

  12. Damn they did a lot of work with one arm only I think

  13. I hate how 😳😳sus😳😳😳 the song is.

  14. lord have mercy, i hope this ain't rolling during tomorrow's exam

  15. the animation is so smooth like it doesn't just cut to the other sprites it actually smooth

  16. I lowkey think this is gonna get age restricted at some point. No offense xD

  17. …why’s everyone saying the mod is sus?

  18. You really did use one of the instrumentals in my mod like you said. That put a smile on my face

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