Metal-head - A Mario Mix Original | Friday Night Funkin' Mario Mix (GAMEPLAY TEASER) -

Metal-head – A Mario Mix Original | Friday Night Funkin’ Mario Mix (GAMEPLAY TEASER)

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Fire – Composition, Instrumentation, and Mixing
Deltom – Instrumentation, and Chromatic Scale
This is the funniest shit ever
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  1. We're going to 150% damage with this one!!

  2. this is a banger. No questions asked.

  3. My favorite part about this is that it is not only a extreme banger, but it proves that we are in fact getting a Mario Mix mod. On top of that we get to see the mod in action! Super cool!

  4. i'm probably an idiot to have compared this to Cap by (not gonna say his name on this side of Mario Youtube).

  5. the screen slightly shakes when metal mario hits down i love this

  6. Hey i would love to see a mario takes your liver song

  7. You should make it so that the side MMs icon is on will tilt, since hes metal, therefore heavier

  8. dude make a smash remix mod thats add boyfriend on it

  9. please release the instrumental for this i beg of you

  10. That was so metal…..This is OFFICIALLY tophat approved……

  11. That was so metal…..
    This is OFFICIALLY tophat approved……

  12. Finaly Some Super Smash Bros. Cover

  13. YESSS Love me some smash bros representation! Wouldve been even cooler if metal luigi dropped in like halfway through the song.
    If you fancy doing more smash stuff for mario mix, the glaring obvious ones imo are giga bowser, smokey progg mario (first opponent in world of light) and something from subspace emissary (cant think of anything lol)

  14. this song slaps, also I really like the 64 model for BF, this song also has that 64 feel to it, the only thing that would've added that 64 charm to it more is if the song's audio was compressed.

  15. Metal Mario is my favourite smash boss and this finally does him justice


  17. I hope misfire doesnt pin this comment because I jacked off to a image of metal mario while I was listenin' to this song

  18. At this point, the originals just straight up out number the actual Mario mixes (which is weird since ffm is supposed to be a remix mod)

  19. This is definitely the best song ever heard from Mario mix, I can't wait to play it

  20. it would be cool if metal mario had health drain

  21. The songs is hype, and the chart is a chefs kiss, great work guys

  22. ive always loved metal mario in this game for some reason

  23. it would be a great detail to make everything stop moving after the "game set"

  24. Oh man i am happy i see somone finally made ssb 64 song now btw is epik

  25. Metal Mario kinda sounds like Lullaby GF for some reason.

  26. ive always loved Meta Crystal from smash 64 so this is awesome

  27. SO FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Well you could call this the Mario Mix of that one metal sonic mod, idk

  29. Imagine if the official mod had other official doppelgangers from SSB show up in the background. Here are some of them:

    -Metal Luigi – SSBM
    -Wireframes – SSBM
    -Multi Man Alloys – SSBB
    -False Character – SSBB
    -Master Core – SSB4
    -Puppet Fighter – SSBU

    Maybe have Gooigi and Pink Gold Peach on the speakers too.

  30. Ah i the only one who thinks 1.25 speed sounds better

  31. i love how theres a screen shake every time he hits the ground

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