Monochrome but everytime it is the Opponent's turn the mod changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Monochrome but everytime it is the Opponent’s turn the mod changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Monochrome but everytime it is the Opponent’s turn the mod changes

Monochrome V2 But GF Vs Lullaby GF (by ROZY):
Monochrome but Miku sing it (Sprites by 幽月 鳩遠【ゆづき くおん】) Cover Improved by me
Monochrome But FNaF 1 Sings It (by Pouria SFMs):
Monochrome but it’s BF (by Jatotz):
Monochrome but it’s a Minion:
Miku Chromatic Scale:
Monochrome FLP (by 기가다GIGADA):

Mods Used:
Friday Night Funkin Lullaby Mod:
Gold and Lullaby GF Cover (by AetherLynx):
Dead mouse Skin for Monochrome: (Cover Improved by me)
Vs. Cartoon Cat:
Hypno’s Lullaby in Pixel (by TomokiAo):
Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix DX:
Monochrome but Twilight and Pinkie Pie sing it (by dennyyyx):

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  1. BF in Monochrome should’ve been the Blue Balled BF skin. That would look better, I think.

  2. todos me gustaron ecepto el del freddy morado pienso que el canto hay de boyfriend esta mal echo y debio mejorar si utilizacen flps en lugar de midis pero bueno todo bien

  3. The one with twilight was a bit creepy

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  6. Honesty would be glad a Extended Version of Monochrome for this video

    1:05 I love the Gold desing

  7. Rory and his friends with Vibing cat says:

    Really, really early

  8. my cat is meowing at you now so i didn't watch this one but i went there and watched the video 😂

  9. You can add my monochrome in the next change??

  10. 222th like
    Also I was the 1999th view

  11. Bruh i was watching gd ultra violence video and i looked to your channel wondering how did you all these subs, its fnf💀

  12. 1:35 scared me when I was using headphones and 1:05 has a good Gold Character Design

  13. Idea:can you return to utau cover please

  14. Officially the first viewer of any video on this channel 😍😍😍

  15. في هذا المقطع تفوقت عن المقاطعك السابقة

  16. The characters in happy wheels can loose their areas and legs lol

  17. I'd ask why Monochrome Cynthia wasn't included, but I figured it'd be rude.

  18. Why at the starting of the song I heard "I'm.. Gay." Anybody else heard that or is it just me? Anyways I really like this characters vocals at, 0:53 can someone tells me what's her name? (If the character has its own mod, tell me. and if no then can you correct me .,.)

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