Monochrome WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin': Lullaby Cover -

Monochrome WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’: Lullaby Cover

Juno Songs
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I ‘ M D E A D

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Contains disturbing imagery and screamers. Viewer discretion is advised. Detailed content warning in video.


Gold: Juno
Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Game Footage: Flippy ()
Original Composition: Adam McHummus (, )

Friday Night Funkin’: Lullaby developed by Banbuds ()
Friday Night Funkin’ developed by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade

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  1. Could boyfriend have lyrics?

  2. Pokémon: (is a fun game about battling with mythical creatures)
    Pokémon horror fangames:

  3. king of typing qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm for fun says:

    Why is this a fundraiser 😂

  4. You've heard of Tickle me Elmo
    Now that ready for

  5. Do not watch Lavender Town music it gives you Goosebumps

  6. What's even more cool is how he literally got no misses

  7. 1:18 "It's song before you perish, fear it's melody."
    Hah, nice Perish Song reference, right before the sound effect plays too!
    1:55 Hah, and the different Pokemon games sprinkled in.

  8. Gold is 17-19 in this mod. In the Creepypasta he’s 12

  9. Falling from the sky? Yea that reminds me of legends arceus.

  10. "man im dead"

    (Make replies related to this: man im dead)

  11. This so called ‘Pokémon Trainer’ has turned into your worst nightmare and actually was blessed by magic to apparently, float.

  12. Lost Silver’s real name is Ethan. Ethan was a ordinary trainer until when his Cyndaquill died in a battle and then he was so angry he committed suicide.
    Btw, a fun fact is that he is called ‘Lost Silver’ is because he ended up in the game ‘Pokémon Silver’ and he was lost.

  13. Man that “Just one moment, gone so fast it lingers” hits dif

  14. If you see this comment, please, don't proceed.
    This comment section is full of "Pokemon is not only a game for kids" sort of thing
    But, if you continue, be warned

  15. Out of all the monochrome lyrics this is the most matched one

  16. The best song ever 😁😁😁😁😍😍😍

  17. Omg.
    Is really weird end ftihgtening
    But ok😅

  18. Its so weird that gold,a ten year old pokemon trainer dies a painful death for no reason.and after death,his voice becomes super deep and he starts speaking like a 100 year old monk

  19. Bap Boop Beep Beep Bep Boop


    He's talking Abt red too…

  20. lost silver or gold having a nice voice*

  21. It would be awesome if it went on spotify or something!

  22. A very interesting take to all this. Actually really enjoyed this

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