Most disturbing Friday night funkin mod -

Most disturbing Friday night funkin mod

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today i played the mario’s madness and twinsomnia mods on stream because chat told me i should play them.

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  1. Your so fucking late to this mod it came out in February

  2. I hate how he just started playing this Mario madness mod when he might as well play it again when v2 comes out

  3. Kwite ihy why u always gotta do streams when I have school

  4. Is it just me or does the girl in twinsomnia’s voice sound like a remixed BF voice??

  5. Can we just take a moment the blue please boi kinda got older by every song

  6. The Mario mod songs are pretty mid, I’m surprised it was so recommended

  7. Bro the queen died while I was whatching this lol

  8. On this day, I keep coming back to Kwite's youtube channel, it keeps me focused and I have nothing else to do.

  9. I'm not a big fnf fan but you really should "seek's cool deltarune mod" it's got banger music and really good art

  10. oh yeah want actully a creppy fnf mod go play fnf vs whitty physic port

  11. I love the whole Mario mod was just the scary Mario space hampster videos

  12. bf gotta be better than eminem at this point, he be rapping with everyone

  13. I remember this creepypasta! IHATEYOU.exe i think?

  14. I don't think it counts but.

    Vs the funkin files?

    Walten files fnf is basically what it is

  15. Another FUCKIN mod that has a sprite with the middle finger.

  16. Kwite I haven't watched ur vids in a while cuz I forgot about u

  17. I don't think Mario had a machete or a cutlery knife. I think that shit was a putty knife.

  18. Funny how we both realized the alarm said beep at the same time.

  19. You should forfeit your internal organs to Nintendo Super Mario at the earliest convenience please

  20. Hey Kwite can you place the Untitled Goose Game fnf mod? I found it recently and it pretty fun. There’s one extra song in the free play about the desktop goose.

  21. I like your video but I don't enjoy watching it because you keep zooming the camera in on random things or your face

  22. I saw the mario kart one and immediately knew.

  23. i listend to half this video sped up on accident and didn't even notice lol

  24. That twinsomnia mod is one of the coolest FNF mods I've ever seen, props to the creators. That last part also had me dying, I wasn't expecting that lol

  25. Wait until he plays mistful crimson morning

  26. Mario's madness v2 COMING SOON

  27. I wish I was there watching the stream (so funny🤣)
    The ones you go against (boy and girl) in the twinsomnia mod is trying to make him go to sleep because kid bf has insomnia

  28. Kwite doesn't know the I hate you lugi

  29. Parents manipulate kid to fall asleep and fight demon

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