New engine but Amazing! | Friday Night Funkin Mod Showcase V.S. AGOTI Full Week (Hard) -

New engine but Amazing! | Friday Night Funkin Mod Showcase V.S. AGOTI Full Week (Hard)

The Wizard Royal
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I like the new engine because the UI is cooler and look smooth there is full screen, I couldn’t press F. Agoti, they were trapped in the void after finally escaping from the void eh, there is an old friend?

V.S. AGOTI Full Week
Mod Link:

0:00 Intro
0:43 Cutscene Screenplay
1:18 Phase 1 Screenplay
3:11 Cutscene Parasite
3:46 Phase 2 Parasite
5:31 Cutscene End Parasite
5:48 Final Cutscene Agoti
6:02 Final Phase Agoti
7:49 Ending
9:10 Outro

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Friday Night Funkin
Fnf agoti mod
fnf agoti full week


  1. If this engine is customizable then this might be the first engine I’ve seen to match kade’s

  2. Why is he rapping with the creation of,, venom x shadow the hedgehog"

  3. Agoti mod is 1 of the most good mod and menu and 1 of the hardest mods


  5. Ok so hear me out song that plays when you fight sans 1:52 starting of bonetrousle 1:43

  6. Something wrong in the thumbnail
    I can feel it

  7. 1:52 IS THAT SANS UNDERTALE FORM HIT INDIE GAME UNDERTALE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??

  8. It always reminded me of undertale in 1:52

    At first when i heard it i was like "SAAAAANSSS ?!?!??!"

  9. Me first time seeing him: This gonna be ez
    Sees there a insane mode
    Me: A lot harder but still ez
    My computer: are you sure that you wanna battle him?
    Me: y e s.
    Me reachs 3 song
    Game stopped
    Me: Huh
    Checks FPS
    Me: But it's 123-
    It changed to 10
    Me: Bruh
    My whole story lol

  10. Phase 1 missed: 3
    Phase 2 missed: 7
    Phase 3 missed: 15

    Edit: yeah that hard

  11. if u pause when he does the down arrow youll cringe

  12. The first time theme from undertale was from sans the LAZY bones and the second one ik was from classic sans that all I know

  13. Tricky:Coughing Duck
    Ruv:Russian Bass
    Whitty:Electrical guitar
    Tord:Gargling Frog
    Agoti:Musocal Japanese Guitar

  14. But solazar is agoti’s father from the wiki

  15. 100% The comments saying 1:52 is the sans fight

    50% Random comments

    1% Saying what the engine name is called

  16. Will there be a way to get this engine on its own?

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