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00:00 Blue
01:05 Green
02:11 Orange
03:03 Purple
04:12 Blue
05:03 Pink
06:22 Yellow
07:30 Red
10:00 Everyone
10:48 Chapter 2 Cyan
11:57 Chapter 2 Yellow
#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Rainbowfriends #Roblox


  1. Blue should’ve been in his castle and green in his farm

  2. I think the “ 3,2,1, GO” of Yellow was like Endless

  3. This is gonna be awesome I have waiting for a mod that had rainbow friends chapter one and chapter two combined together

  4. Ahh main cyan would be so good if she was in this mod

  5. I'd love to yellow chapter two model in this it would be added that chapter two is in chapter one

  6. Oh I nave one they should definitely make a fnf off of chapter two but probably with a different theme other than friends to your end and add all the rainbow friends in chapter two including pink

  7. Yah you should tell the makers of rainbow friends to add more colours in rainbow friends would really appreciate that thanks

  8. That can't be cyan they could have put better animation than that it looks like she's glitch ing I don't like this cyan its weired

  9. And why didn't include cyan with the other rainbow friend and why does she have whites voice and his song terrible

  10. Nope yellow is same for cyan why didn't they add him with the other rainbow friends too I don't like it why didn't they make him look like the real yellow nop this is bad the flying is the only think I like the animation is bad

  11. Yellow old be like :yellow old says let's play gaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  12. I Love cyan is just image is a lizard cyan

  13. The whole body purple, duck yellow and pink are unofficial and fake (I am Taiwanese and my English is poor)

  14. 9ehh5hgřg Fulgêncio banking a chuva passar mais estarei lá no verão que a 5 anos no verão que a chuva passar mais estarei

  15. 1 like Blue 10 likes purple 100 likes green 500 likes Orange 1000 likes yellow 5000 likes cyan 15k pink 30k likes teal 100k likes white 500k Likes red hopefully I get lots of likes

  16. The fact the cyan is a girl but
    She haves a boy voice

  17. Did anyone notice no one give justice to cyan
    Come on give cyan the respect she deserves and not give white dumb rush song and image model give it its own mod and make cyan voice unique and have it own song like yellow did come on WHITE IS STUPID ENOUGH IT IS NOT TO BE RUDE BUT WHITE SONG ITS JUDT STUPID AND RUSH AND DISGHN UGH ITS CUPHEAD
    MAKE SOMETHING MORE ORGINAL at least teal had some cool parts to his song while white is Rush and dumba white song doesn’t even song good

  18. Yellow looks hella cool and no I'm not talking about the old yellow

  19. Red part is the blue, green, orange and purples rematch

  20. Full versions rainbow friends fnf without cayn and yellow for character 2

  21. гриб судьбы (из plants vs zombie) says:

    😐 VS 😐

  22. The last yellow his name is gold not yellow

  23. Cian is rare for me also has’nt get in rainb😢ow friends 2 and 3 also looks like a d😢oh

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