New Sonic vs Old Sonic - The Speed in My Soul (Friday night Funkin) -

New Sonic vs Old Sonic – The Speed in My Soul (Friday night Funkin)

Sonic Destiny
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rhythm rush sonic made by isai09
Modern sonic mod made by GhostBunBun

Song used:The Speed In My Sou by CG5 & Hyper Potions


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  1. Favourite Sonic Song Ever (My Opinion Share Yours)

  2. What if classic and modern sonic sing speed funk by running that should be good

  3. FnF is starting to bore me no offence and Happy Easter.

  4. No retro Amy when they went in their sprite forms? Missed opportunity there [edit: for whomever made that mod.]

  5. What happened to Tokyo toy show Sonic in sonic 1 rom hack

  6. I loved, but u can do better, the song and the backround re like 80% perfect

  7. ._. Classic Sonic Vs Modern Sonic?

  8. Probably the old one is the new one because there’s more detail on the old one and the sprites for it wow it’s amazing it’s better than the new one

  9. It’s good My favourite song But what is this game

  10. The old sonic looks mode focused on modern sonic since it’s slimmer and taller while the new sonic is more focused on classic sonic but with the modern sonic blue since it’s fatter it’s shorter and it’s literally sonic from sonic mania in their retro form and sonic in sonic mania is modern sonic


  12. Why does it look like when the sonic on the right when he does up it looks like he is flipping off the other sonic 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Should improve Amy there and tbh I prefer old sonic (left right? Correct me if I’m wrong)

  14. The song: The speed in my souloulouloul
    What I hear: The semen I stoleoulouloul

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