Nikusa Remembers Tabi's Death (Friday Night Funkin' Comic Dub) -

Nikusa Remembers Tabi’s Death (Friday Night Funkin’ Comic Dub)

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Nikusa lost her one and only love Tabi and now she morns him while going down memory lane.

Huge thanks to Whensoul for collabing on this comic follow their Twitter and Instagram below:

☆ Nikusa & Angel Gf played by Kat
☆Agoti played by Jordopriceva:
☆Carol played by Nberry
☆Tabi, Whitty played by me

Ad Astral (aka Astral Dreamers)


Thanks so much for watching more Friday Night Funkin comics coming soon, maybe a few happier ones but who knows. But don’t worry plenty of Godzilla Vs Kong, Steven Universe, Among Us, and Puppet show things in the works.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Bro why when It showed garcelo my mind Just started saying " o look its garelo

  2. Its nice to know she gave it a chance to live as a mortal but gf's dad just ruined it never really like him though

  3. Garcello is already dead. Shouldn’t he be immune?

  4. Why Tabi has more bones in body? He is like invincible.

  5. Can you do mothra Cheating on godzilla And mothra kiss kong and LOVE YOUR VIDS SO MUCHE VERY VERY MUCH👌👌🤩

  6. Without Tabi, Nikusa isn’t complete, she just “someone”, let’s face it. She may be all powerful but she isn’t perfect, in fact, no is.

  7. Rage itself can be how should I say cool But me personally I will not let that slide

  8. Damn so daddy dearest killed tabi honestly I feel like tabi kinda had the ability to survive that after all he is cursed and has no body but at the same time is human just with a goat skull which got destroyed…R.I.P

  9. So there is a chance Nikusa could reverse this..maybe hopefully better be a part 3 someday cause you cannot end these comics whoever their made by ON SAD ENDINGS

  10. I will call a Purge on this planet and send the Imperial Guard to kill that xenos.

  11. Nah man true love from this character make me cry

  12. Before all solazar and agoti and aldryx we're about make nikusa out of there, a strong blasts hit from behind of nikusa and it was nightmare cuphead and nightmare sans and nightmare bendy and hyper fleetway sonic and ink sans and error sans and error sans using his puppet string things to hold nikusa in place while hyper fleetway sonic just wrecks her whole world upside down! And nightmare cuphead and nightmare sans and nightmare bendy using some of their powers to restore this and when everything was restored and before daddy dearest could use the helicopter rockets a glitched ring-like portal opened and daddy dearest being very angry and confused and it was fatal error sonic and he dragged tankman and his men to his world and killing them all and using them as his puppets and then another portal opened out of that portal was him the one who tricked the star warrior and with very god-like powers and it was magolor in his master crown form himself.

  13. Daddy dearest took away a happy ending he’s such an idiot for killing tabi god bless tabi for a good and healthy life hes in a better place now🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺😪😪😪

  14. I literally go awol for a month and all this happens?!?!. Aight note to self never miss a day of FNF lore

  15. I kinda suspected that it was daddy dearest fault since he is evil and hates both boyfriend and tabi

  16. OH MY GOD!😲😲😲😲😲😲

  17. She remember all what tabi has did to her and make her happy.But tabi has die and she has been corrupted all the town.

  18. I mean if youre a frikin god and your lover gets murdered wouldnt you do the same?

  19. you break Tabi promise it’s not taking his path you decided to go onto chaos. It’s all your fault now he’s dead God will never forgive you for your sins

  20. Nikusa: You guys were late I have the sandwich now
    Tabi: Nikusa give it back
    *Whitty goes ballistic*

  21. This one always makes me tear up a little

  22. So pretty, man!!!!🤘🏻👍🏻 But… at the same time very, very sad😔 Poor Nikusa

  23. Hi, dude! Can you voice a couple of Garcello comics???? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  24. Can tabi come back to life or there is no hope

  25. Oi what mate tabs died in her hands mate well thats tragic mate

  26. I'm crying……it hurts to see a loved one go

  27. why she got the goku black drip though?????

  28. This is so sad i hope tabi falls in love with nikusa again 😭💔

  29. Wait shouldn't Selever and Rasazy appeared here because part 1 looks like Ruv confessed Sarvente and when Ruv confessed Sarvente his feeling Selever and Rasazy can enter the Canon universe.

  30. Wrong Tabi Was revived Not By Nikusa It was Medic tf2

  31. Hello my name is wildan I from Indonesian

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