No Party WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness Cover -

No Party WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’: Mario’s Madness Cover

Juno Songs
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You know what they say… piracy is no party.

As the official voice of DJ Hallyboo it’d be CRIMINAL if I didn’t cover this one, right?


DJ Hallyboo: Juno
Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Original Composition: iKenny @Kenny_L
Mario Party DS Anti-Piracy created by Joey Perleoni @JoeyPerleoni

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  1. Awesome! Just how that rap part was done… priceless.
    I wish I could be like you.
    Don't have the skill for now, so I'll make due
    With thinking of a perfect clue
    For a next lyrical fanfic, too!
    Thanks for gettin' my motivation pumpin'!

  2. The moment I knew No Party came out, I was WAITING for your cover, knowing you are practically the official voice actor for DJ Hallyboo at this point. This song is as good as I expected, and the part where Hallyboo grabs the screen….perfection, pure perfection.

  3. Omg, I liked this song in the mod and I'm so glad you made lyrics for this. It's such a banger and the edits were perfect!

  4. Bro I'm glad I had a real copy of Mario party ds

  5. Was expecting this at some point but not this quickly
    Love the call backs to the original Anti-Piracy with lyrics

  6. This time Luigi isn't being punished for the players crime! Yay!

  7. Just imagine Nintendo would really go this hard with anit-piracy. I think very many people would buy pirated versions on purpose, what might be the reason they don't. Junos output these days is insane, so many songs and everyone is a banger.

  8. I love how the video miniature is the same as host hoedown but luigi is replaced by BF

  9. I’m honestly really glad they didn’t try to also give BF a voice cuz that honestly would’ve ruined the whole flow of the lyrics

  10. I’ll give you the song it’s an absolute banger, but what I won’t give you is just slapping on BF a top of Luigi! That is a major disrespect for shame even worse than the piracy going on in the video

  11. The laugh at the end reminded me of MC Ballyhoo (AKA Master of Catastrophe Ballyhoo) from Mario Party 8, and the nostalgia hit like a train and a plane combined
    In other words, this is an absolute banger beyond any banger I heard

  12. I don’t even have a ds I only have a 3ds

  13. I knew this was gonna be a video ever since No party was announced in fnf Mario madness, this video is a banger. Also I like the added feature where the Shy guys say piracy.

  14. I love DJ Hallyboo one of my favorite new Creepy Pasta characters introduced so of course I'm gonna click on this video.

  15. I can’t wait until you do unbeatable I like that song. It’s one of my favorites.

  16. The fourth wall break by Hallyboo was the cherry on top
    Edit: “Piracy is no party” I think Luffy would disagree.

  17. I really love how the thumbnail is the same like host hoedown but with bf instead of luigi. Also I really loved the part with the gitaur solo having the likes from host hoedown before the chorus just like the og
    EDIT:also I imagine how bf gets away from DJ hallyboo was that he showed him such a good time he let him go

  18. “You thought you could do what you want cause a pirate is free?”

    That line was amazing

  19. Juno Songs helped with the voicelines for when you get a game over on this song. This means this video is canon.

  20. it's a banger, can't wait for other mario madness with lyrics video

  21. Mario party ds AND Mario party 8 COMBINED! What is this power

  22. I knew starting off somewhat weak was a trick, it ramped up almost immediately into amazement!


  24. "PIRACY, is no party!" went hard, Juno, you went too far with that transition with the shy guy to hallyboo to greatly, kudos to this guy to make something a banger.

  25. i've longed for a lyric of marios madness v2!thank you for singing!

  26. Juno this was pretty good I really enjoyed it

  27. Piracy might not be a party but this song certainly is

  28. this was inevitable

    Because the last time we saw DJ hallyboo you sounded like you had the time of your life

  29. No no dj halloboo piracy is good now they dont want anyone to play your game anymore we're just trying to experience your game again

  30. Juno Songs you have done yet another amazing banger related to the Piracy is No Party!

  31. This makes me wanna pirate MPDS. JUST to see if Hallyboo gets pissed.

  32. Looks like we are getting alot of Mario Madness lyrics

  33. "You are all under arrest, the reason: an attempt to hack the game…for this, your account will be blocked for a year, if you try again, it will be blocked forever! And remember, cheats do not make you cooler,
    -with respect to Nintendo"

  34. Absolutely amazing job! The curtain being pulled back to reveal a giant version of DJ hullabo! Amazing! You gotta do more covers from the MMv2!

  35. The switch parts of DS Screen is really smart, because the pen only works on the down side, amazing work as always.

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