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[Part of “J-Bug’s Friday Night Funkin’ Bundle” Mod… one day…]

[🎶 MUSIC: “Crossing My Road (Perfected)” 🎶]

Special thanks to RetroRoboSP for Music Inspiration ❤️

[🎶 MUSIC: “Fjords (Credits)” 🎶]

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▬ [Credits] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
➢ [houdie] – Art

➢ [LancExists] – Art

➢ [Springtrap_Critique] – Art

➢ [Crispy] – Art

➢ [Humbay] – Art

➢ [Trayfellow] – Quality Assurance / Asset & Animation Manager

➢ [Bloximator] – Background Skies

➢ [Yamahearted] – Music

➢ [Bunchie] – Music

➢ [LingoeBingo] – Music Support

➢ [Zasriel] – Loading Screen Music

➢ [Turtloid] – Charter

[ Voices ]
XiaoXiaoMan, Laughability, Polarcub, John Roblox, ISoToxic (Online Dater), Bunchie (GF)

Special thanks to Ashcr4ft, EthanTheDoodler, Zeal ❤️

Of course, thank you to Friday Night Funkin’ for being the MF G.

[Fun Fact!]
During a Game Over, GF does it extra slurpy to make Noob extra mad.

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin


  1. This is just amazing dude, it captures everything we loved about roblox and the animation and style I'd just perfected, it's a banger song too, this is amazing!!!

  2. Man Words cannot express how much I LOVE this Animated FNF video. Its a Roblox and FNF Parody At its finest 😀

  3. I can already imagine the pain of just coding everything
    Good job though, but just a question, why does it look kind of goofy?

  4. this song is so cool is now my new fav fnf song

  5. Ain't gonna lie Why I kinnda wanna see a remix of Johns Demonic Screams tho

  6. I forgot to leave a comment and like and subscribe

  7. 3:08 Seeing all of the iconic references in the credits just made my day

  8. Laughability: Hey kids, Im doing DRUGS

    Got me laughter on le floor

  9. May be late for asking this question, but
    0:44 What the heck happened last week?
    0:47 I barely can understand this scene. Was he trapped? Was he traumatized of what happened on screen?

  10. idk why so many people compare this to 7quid, this mod is great

  11. Will there be more youtuber in mod as well, because it's so sick to see the youtuber being in here.

  12. Hope this will be mod soon I love this one

  13. Poor guest he goes ka-boom
    And builderman he looks like he had enough to the point he went insane
    Cant say anything about nooblings hes just there watching

  14. I like the gravel poot reference at the beginning

  15. Dude That cool very cool and many joke. so.. C-can you make last determined song? I don't care if short cause your team artwork is the best!! 🥶

  16. I like mods where bf is the antagonist

  17. The one issue i have with some songs is that not much happens, it's just 2 singers and a chart. But THIS, This fixes every problem i have with thoses fnf songs, it's THAT good.

  18. 1:16 dog Man: hey give me the hotdog Just give me the hotdog
    fred: suck ass

  19. don't get what people say to your head, you guys did a phenomenal work and you should be proud of it, you got my support and screw every asshole that say shit about this

  20. Anyone else notice the one guy in live chat repeatedly saying it sucks

  21. Is in the mod gonna be 1 song?
    Or week?
    Maybe not one?

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