PghLFilms Meets Sans, Papyrus, and Chara (Skeletons Bros) in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Meets Sans, Papyrus, and Chara (Skeletons Bros) in Friday Night Funkin’

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Why does Papyrus have sunglasses on his shoulders? Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Charas song is from a Undertale fangame called no more deals

  2. I said to be continued same time you did

  3. The sans with the target in front of him is called killer sans from killertale

  4. Btw, the chara song was from a fan game called "no more deals", which is pretty flashed out for a fan game

  5. 21:32 that my friend is Killer sans there are many sans aus so yeah

  6. Hey Pghfilms the sonic.exe mod just released a mod called triple phone breakers you should play it!! I love your videos!!

  7. lol he said so this is sans and paperos

  8. lol he said so this is sans and paperos

  9. I never noticed this, but the first sans song he started off VERY HARD. Just like the actual game, he doesnt understand why people dont use the best attack first.

  10. Ok i have done it here are the translate
    Warning: when i translate it the language was spanish so i have to use google
    0:58 The darkness has expanded than i expected
    1:00 so many universes
    1:06 that guy
    1:09 playing with timelines
    1:12 what if
    Universe 1

  11. Its like, almost every creepypasta mod needs Monochrome in the free-play menu lol.

  12. I like how in last song there is killer sans and in one cutscene there is dust sans great mod

  13. Hey pghlfilms the guy’s name that you don’t know is Gaster his name is gaster

  14. the tall man is jester Sans and papyrus dad is Jester

  15. i think they put random wingdin letters in the game
    it makes no sense
    i just saw a "oscuyi" at start

  16. Also the target model at monochrome sans, is the soul of Killer Sans
    you might not know whats killer sans is, Its an au sans
    Au is alternative universe, where has different characters of undertale character

  17. hey pgh theres a update to torture mod its torture v3

  18. 👇🏼👇🏼👌👎🏿👌🤚🤝🤲🏿🤲🏿

  19. I feel like the Papyrus sprite was supposed to be gone after the Gaster Blaster dusted him. Bug?

  20. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一…………..(✖﹏✖)

  21. You pronounce it like pap I rus his name is just spelled papyrus and also for chara it’s Chara not pronounced with a k c sounds better

  22. Did anyone notice when your chara in this mod you have to hit the bones more to hit the notes

  23. I love how sans is hiding that he knows gaster

  24. I really want them to make a insanity sans mod

  25. Its triggering that you pronounce papyrus paperus

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