PghLFilms Plays Alphabet Lore in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays Alphabet Lore in Friday Night Funkin’

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abc. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Alphabet lore is a video and have a epilogue video

  2. Congratulations ! you are coming in the RB battles season 3 right ?

  3. Yo man, I'm happy for you that you are gonna participate in Rbbattles season 3! I really like your piggy story video's

  4. you already know this will be used for kids channels a million times 😂

  5. Here’s a hot take: The Alphabet lore is overrated

  6. The death notes remind me of Indie Cross

  7. This was so interesting to watch. (but lego did you know that tommorow is final update which is a season then after that there won't be a update forever. no skins, no chapters, no traps. minitoon would not be added any update to the game, the only thing that would be updating is build mode)

  8. Wait what i just saw it say piggy rp films find it

  9. when will you react to alphabet lore for the source

  10. I hate alphabet lore it got In my head

  11. why did i think that the p in pgh films was smaller?

  12. Hey do you play Nekomew's Potty Trouble?

  13. Frieboyfriendds
    That’s what it’s saying

  14. This is worse than welcome old , im kinda upset about this video , i would prefer your other video than alphabet Lore video

  15. Go play the D Sides 2.7 it's out now

  16. This is alphabet lore. The game you played was ABC Lore.

  17. Pghlfilm is it sad that piggy is not gonna have a new update now it is sooooooooo sad

  18. if you figured it out or not 5:40 those arrows are from the tabi mod, (fun fact i actually commeted your acprp chapter 2 when you saw this robot joker and said ¨WAIT A SECOND YOU LOOK FAMILIAR dies from him have i seen him before i don´t know.)

  19. Great video!! If there's a mod I'd really recommend you to play its Funkin' Corruption Reimagined, you can find thr mod in a video recently uploaded by CommunityGame

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