PghLFilms Plays BPM (Boyfriend, Parappa, Melodii) in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays BPM (Boyfriend, Parappa, Melodii) in Friday Night Funkin’

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Now the trio has a mod now! Sweet! Also, I experimented myself not using voice in gameplay to see how that goes. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. It's such the coolest Turn Bass BPM mod ever created by all time crossover, sense i may have heard the original Turn Bass BPM song from Mike Geno about a nearly 2 months this is something special

  2. Abraham Keenan Abdullah fan aeroaviation001 says:

    35 Minute ago your video is cool and awesome

  3. When pghfilms dose the melodii part it’s the first time I have seen him screw up in a rather game since when he played his first ever rhythm game fnf…but with a piggy mod

  4. Bro's pghlflims gotta reupload this again because he forget to censor the S word while playing as parappa

  5. Amazing mod not gonna lie cos this one feels like indie cross

  6. i cant belive you lost in rb battels ): 😭😭😭

  7. I know that Imposter and Megonovinia Reference

  8. Why does Parappa sound like Tom from eddsworld but in FNF?
    1:33.. 😂😂😂😂

  9. I heard a lot about the bpm trio, SHIPPERS TOTALLY DON'T SHIP PARAPPA AND MELODI! HAHA- ha..
    Enjoy everyone-

  10. pghlfilms, really? you would the word s*** there and leave it there, on a family friendly channel, btw it showed when you were Parappa

  11. This fnaf mod was expected but I didn’t think papara would be in this

  12. Best about this mode is they speak while rap battle

  13. At the end it says sh!t when he is playing the dog

  14. Hey pghlfilms, i’ve got a question to ask you. Will you friend a fans friend request on a video Called (rating your avatars) because i’ve nerver played With a content creator before also my username is melvin_isking123

  15. I love the clicks because they match the song perfectly

  16. ⭕️GET 10,000 ROBUX CHECK MY CHANNEL⭕️ says:

    Best turn based mod yet

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