PghLFilms Plays Funkin' Is Magic (Amy and Pinkie) in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays Funkin’ Is Magic (Amy and Pinkie) in Friday Night Funkin’

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  1. Also I just wanted to say how was your day

  2. Just saying that because all of your videos back in the day you were screaming happiness

  3. So I just wanted to see if you were doing good

  4. I think I watched cupcakes when I was ten and I was fine with it cuz I know that creepypasta thing

  5. pghlfilms: Oh gf is dead… well shes a demon.
    me: well she is still vibing

  6. and the movies? of piggy? if you don't do the challenge of speaking Spanish with nacho2708xd27 in roblox!!

  7. Lego u know there was a family friendly opsion rigth

  8. Uhmm phgfilms you forgot to edit the middile finger out

  9. Please pghlfilms i am beggin you please make the metal sonic video right now please uploaded please

  10. Keep up the good work Lego we always support you 😁!I always remember cupcakes In my little pony I think it was "Pinkie,Dr*gged Rainbow Dash and made her in cupcakes Pinkie,took Rainbow Dash's,things on her body"And I kinda forgot it since it so old when I watched it And I also know things some there in the video like "Amy VS Pinkie Pie" I still remember it.
    (I think I'm making a story here lol.)

  11. i love how lego turns into kid friendly into non kid friendly in like 3 second

  12. this is the boy with a YouTube video where their order then turn to all did did Rose did the Sonic whoopings the Sonic game did the party yield parties

  13. so this is why i see that theres an amy vs pinkepie in fnf i think its from cartoon beatbox collabs episode 3 amy vs pinke pie

  14. Play sonic speed simulator! Metal sonic is here

  15. I'm am terrified now WHO WOULD COOK GIRLFRIEND 😨😨😰

  16. Hey pghlfilms the metal update came so I want you to play it bye

  17. Hey pghlfilms the metal sonic update came and can you play it

  18. I remember watching videos of Sonic characters vs my little pony characters when I was young, I was a fan of sonic so I watched whatever had sonic in it.

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