PghLFilms Plays Funkin' Is Magic (Amy and Pinkie) in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays Funkin’ Is Magic (Amy and Pinkie) in Friday Night Funkin’

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  1. Lego says for frist time "blood" (hidden message at 2:47)

  2. I used to like my little pony we’d I was 3 years old

  3. 2 hours ago your video is cool and awesome

  4. Sonic is faster because in his theme song it says that he’s the fastest thing alive

  5. Pj I thought you where kid friendly I’m UNSUB

  6. Past Pgh editor : I will Cover the middle finger
    Pgh editor now: I don’t care

  7. 2:47 he said blood for the first time!

  8. Pghlfilm:I got one miss, oh no!
    Me:I got 574 misses

  9. I've watched this mod twice. This is the first time I've seen the blood with the chainsaw. She was fine with no marks in the other two

  10. If you're doing something I don't mean to interrupt

  11. Also I just wanted to say how was your day

  12. Just saying that because all of your videos back in the day you were screaming happiness

  13. So I just wanted to see if you were doing good

  14. I think I watched cupcakes when I was ten and I was fine with it cuz I know that creepypasta thing

  15. pghlfilms: Oh gf is dead… well shes a demon.
    me: well she is still vibing

  16. and the movies? of piggy? if you don't do the challenge of speaking Spanish with nacho2708xd27 in roblox!!

  17. Lego u know there was a family friendly opsion rigth

  18. Uhmm phgfilms you forgot to edit the middile finger out

  19. Please pghlfilms i am beggin you please make the metal sonic video right now please uploaded please

  20. Keep up the good work Lego we always support you 😁!I always remember cupcakes In my little pony I think it was "Pinkie,Dr*gged Rainbow Dash and made her in cupcakes Pinkie,took Rainbow Dash's,things on her body"And I kinda forgot it since it so old when I watched it And I also know things some there in the video like "Amy VS Pinkie Pie" I still remember it.
    (I think I'm making a story here lol.)

  21. i love how lego turns into kid friendly into non kid friendly in like 3 second

  22. this is the boy with a YouTube video where their order then turn to all did did Rose did the Sonic whoopings the Sonic game did the party yield parties

  23. so this is why i see that theres an amy vs pinkepie in fnf i think its from cartoon beatbox collabs episode 3 amy vs pinke pie

  24. Play sonic speed simulator! Metal sonic is here

  25. I'm am terrified now WHO WOULD COOK GIRLFRIEND 😨😨😰

  26. Hey pghlfilms the metal update came so I want you to play it bye

  27. Hey pghlfilms the metal sonic update came and can you play it

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