PghLFilms Plays Starlight Mayhem REBOOTED in Friday Night Funkin' + BONUS WEEK -

PghLFilms Plays Starlight Mayhem REBOOTED in Friday Night Funkin’ + BONUS WEEK

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In my opinion, I think CJ’s vocals are much better than the old one. It fits him best. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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Director: TheMaskedCrhis
Coding: ash237
Charting: Cerbera
Vocals: Ridinginthered
Vocals: Miyno_
Instrumentals: Mudstep
Extra creative help: Operate manuel
Extra assets: Bastiano
Mic’d up engine: Verwex

00:00 The Beginning
01:34 Tutorial
03:12 Cutscene 1
05:43 Inverted Ascension
07:43 Cutscene 2
09:15 Echoes
12:22 Cutscene 3
14:07 Artificial Lust
16:49 Cutscene 4
18:11 The Credits
18:45 Unlocked Bonus Week
19:15 TheMaskedChris’s Message
20:23 Parallax
22:26 Starstorm
24:26 Code
28:36 Cutscene 5
29:22 It’s Complicated (CJ and Ruby Cover)
32:25 Cutscene 6
33:26 Outro
34:31 The End


  1. I like when he starts off speaking so fast because he’s trying to explain because there’s a lot in this mod so he’s trying to tell us all of it

  2. At the bonus song if you look out of the window yo can see bob

  3. 14:07 oh thank god boyfriend and girlfriend’s rhythm and vocals are the same BUT WHAT DID THEY DO TO ARTIFICIAL IN CJ AND RUBY’S VOCALS

  4. Wow super mario odyssey speedrunner Cj is there

  5. He has reached god stat now nothing can stop him now

  6. Long Glitcher Master N00B CAFE Vo Grand N00B Army says:

    Intro:Hey babe did you enjoy the show

    Pghflims:I seen her before

  7. It's complicated that is the last song is with grace or soft gf

  8. Is that a Among Us in the background what that is so weird

  9. Anyone notice the bi flag on the pianist’s keyboard?

  10. madeeeeeeee fnafffffffffffffffffffffffff videooo plzzzzz

  11. I think PGHLFilms should fight SillyFanGirl osu in funky friday

  12. This mod is amazing! I love how Vade is in one of the cutscenes, and Olley became a pianist! I’m glad you played this, Lego!

  13. This was epic the songs were remixed a bit but it was amazing good work chris

  14. I like how in the rebooted version, even with all of it's new features and reworks, they still have Ruv in the first cutscene.

    Also, just a note, you misspelled the song title "Coda" and the song was actually made by Mike Geno, who composed all of the songs for Mid-Fight Masses.

  15. Aw man, I miss Cj's vocals, they were good!

  16. Cool mod but for some reason it has some references to another songs like discharge from a mod but i don't know who made it and thunderstorm from shaggy mod in starstorm.

  17. Pghlfilms one day you can beat the billistec whitty song

  18. Starlight Mayhem: Cj Has New Vocalz and We Have A Burst Mechanic that when activated, Ur Accuracy Is instantly 100% For a While!!!!
    Retrospecter: A Worthy Opponent Next To Bob And Bosip Ex


    up ayo
    down yo
    bonus : aha
    left : ay
    right oi
    My thought on artificial lust

  20. Yo Lego so you’ve seen her before right?

    Pls tell me it’s not from what I think it is😂

  21. It's only been a year since release and these mods are getting crazy graphics

  22. I like the new vocals for CJ but I still kinda miss the old ones.

  23. I just see Bob and amor on bonus week and plushie eleted and idk i forgot about the evil one

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