PghLFilms Plays the Bob & Bosip EX Update in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays the Bob & Bosip EX Update in Friday Night Funkin’

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What’s up guys, PghLFilms with another video here and TODAY!!! We are playing Bob & Bosip: The EX Update! I never expected the EX Update to extend with a lot more songs. All of these songs bop. I Enjoy the video. 🙂

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Play the Mod:

00:00 The Beginning
00:48 Tutorial
02:43 Jump-In EX
05:13 Swing EX
08:06 Split EX
11:25 Oblique Fracture EX
14:55 Groovy Brass EX
17:27 Conscience EX
20:27 Yap Squad EX
24:08 Intertwined EX
27:11 Copy-Cat EX
29:36 Jump-Out EX
33:09 Ronald McDonald Slide EX
37:58 Death Animation
38:07 Outro
39:08 The End


  1. If you played tutorial on ex and your brand new to this game = already blue balled

  2. I'm trying to understand how a male is in a maid dress?!

  3. Did you not play the update before this update

  4. does nobody see the roblox tie on bob in jump in ex?

  5. Groovy brass EX is and forever will be my favourite song

  6. Just realized that bob is wearing a roblox necktie in Jump out EX

  7. Will you play bob takeover on easy or normal difficulty ?

  8. That dude is not bosip is pod point

  9. "That's Bosip in a maid suit" no its minishoey in the maid suit. eh,close enough.

  10. "Those are some large furries!" Uhhmmmmmmm…………………. no comment?

  11. Boi, look at the Dave And Bambi golden apple mod

  12. You missed the secret song "Gameover"

  13. totally not a salesman that lives in a garbage can says:

    Idk how to download:(

  14. his keyboard sounds like hit sounds

  15. Miss_Nxbody (y'all can call me deimos lol) says:

    "that's bosip in a maid suit!"


  16. Actually if you get blue-balled 2 times you unlock a new song called gameover

  17. GG PghLFilms and wait what how? you can Subscribers 1.71M how PghLFilms yoooo! How!

  18. Hi niño como estás djhdvfhdkwnebe

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