PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin’

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Wow, a lot longer than it should. Bravo. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. 人都有脾气,都有任性的时候,但要学会自己排解情绪,别把气撒在别人身上。坏脾气不但解决不了问题,还会把简单的事情变复杂。当你越是变得成熟、温柔,你就越能感知到这个世界的美好和善意。

  2. I thought that my nightmare seeing black imposter would never happen! My nightmare is my reality.

  3. I stand here wondering: what is "that sound"

  4. 11 Facts About The Mod (One Year After)
    NOTE: Some Of These Facts May Get Debunked In Future, Some Of These Facts Were Taken By The Wiki, "10 Facts About VS Imp" And Research

    1 – Maroon Is Apparently A Trans Male
    2 – Grey Is Not An Imposter, But A Manipulated Crewmate
    3 – Red Mungus Is Based Of The Ex-Dev Cooper, Who Sadly Passed Away A Few Weeks After The Mod Release
    4 – Depending On The Size Of The Impostors Parasite Form Depends On Their Strength (Small Being Weak And Large Being Powerful)
    5 – Apparently Pink Has The Biggest Parasite Form Making Her The Strongest Imposter, But From What I Have Heard, This Is Not Fully Confirmed
    6 – Purple (From The Boiling Point Cut-Scene) And Yellow's Design Is Based Of The Everybody Loves Purple Animation
    7 – One Of Yellow's Kids (Yarlowmando) Was Adopted By Red And Green But Was Taken Back By Yellow
    8 – There Was many Scrapped Songs And Remixes, These Include; Triple Trouble, Monochrome, etc)
    9 – Red's Line "I Have A Husband And Kids At Home" Refences His Homosexual Relationship With Green And Their Adopted Son Yarlowmando
    10 – There Was Going To Be A Vs Impostor V5 / V4 Hotfix But Instead Got Replaced By An Alfa Version Of Vs Impostor V4 For April Fools However An Extension Of VS Imp V4 Is Present In V5 (The Lime Impostor)
    11 – In The April Fools Build / V5 The Finale Song Is The Old Version Of Finale In Vs Imp V4 Since It Fits The V5 Joke Build

  5. Might as well just play the original game and complete it in under 30 hours, be right back guys!

  6. Random fact: when u make charles all the way to the left it says r i p cuz in the henry stickmin game its the Valiant hero reference

  7. 11mo agoòo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Am I only one to see yellow grabbing da baby and put it on his head

  9. Just the fact that when yellow does the down sprite he would have to catch her baby on her head

  10. At 50:41 lol, I always press the notes HARD the song is THAT powerful

  11. Fun fact: in the song sabatoge red has different sprites

  12. Am I only one to see yellow grabbing da baby and put it on his head

  13. I played this mod to I worked so hard to beat the Defeat V4 song and I finnaly made it and yesterday I beat the Defeat V4 song I beat the song freaking again I beat Defeaat V4 song 2 times😊🎉

  14. Funny fact about black: his glasses are Kinda blocky lol


  16. I love Neutoric and Pretender song cause in Pretender song you play as pink an the song is very fast and I like fast FNF Songs and I like Neutoric just because the song is fast and I love the morphs also I just❤them

  17. I know something about Pink is a Nice Imposter that tries to protects People

  18. You should try fnf amoug us human v2 it really hard

  19. This is illegal to yellow he is making his son have a headache on the ground xd

  20. Arvin Chowdhury Gaming - Among Us Gamer Halloween👻 says:

    I've seen Henry Stickman too! so happy to see him!

  21. That was so funny when blue Dave crewmate Jumped out of the window.😂

  22. 44:27 the mini crewmate literally having a mental breakdown and no one talking about it

  23. Thats 2 player mode if l now it do you have you brother sister coson
    Splill beans PFILM IF IT IS YOUR

  24. Arvin Chowdhury Gaming - Among Us Gamer Halloween👻 says:

    Week 1: Red Imposter/Impostor
    2:55: Sussus Moogus
    7:04: Sabotage
    10:39: Meltdown
    Week 2: Green Imposter/Impostor
    15:09: Sussus Toogus
    18:47: Lights Out
    21:50: Reactor
    Week 2: Green Imposter's/Impostor's Transform
    25:24: Ejected
    I'm not gonna do it all because I'm getting tired of typing!

  25. The guy beside right hand man is Reginald:3

  26. What I love about hearing the keyboard clacking is that its in sync with whichever song is playing

  27. Wait, if the imposters in the new update can disguise as other cruemates that mean there spies like TF2

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