PghLFilms Sings Algebra with Baldi in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Sings Algebra with Baldi in Friday Night Funkin’

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Just to tell you, this is fanmade. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Come on go Play dave and bambi original and golden apple too

  2. magtorture X (the protector of the galaxy) says:

    I like how u copied baldi's voice

  3. You should play vs Dave and Bambi Golden Apple Addition, lots of good songs and where Algebra originates

  4. Wait I just realized is boyfriend part elf?!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. 4:45 fun fact: principal isnt canoncly bare feet. He actually wears red socks without shoes. But in game they are actually white.

  6. Baldi,bully,principal,arts and crafters,playtime girl.

  7. Hey you should play Dave's fun agebra class Dave gets around differently due to having a weelchair so it is a bit harder

  8. You should play baldis basics classic remastered

  9. The first one Baldi sing head shoulders knees and toes that’s she’s got sings ._.

  10. Speaking about Baldi, why don’t you play Baldi again PgHLflims? I miss the Baldi videos…

  11. No sick beats in the halls detention for you when will you be get defeated in rapping

  12. the origibal song is from a mod called dave and bambi golden apple algebra song

  13. Mod song: friday night funkin vs dave and bambi: golden apple edition

  14. ณัฏฐ์พัชร์ วงษ์เกียรติวัฒนา says:

    BK BF

  15. ณัฏฐ์พัชร์ วงษ์เกียรติวัฒนา says:

    jsoemmmslnnnslsn mdllldnlljlk

  16. Who else thinks principles sprites were kinda low resultion?

  17. 8:03

    What have you done..?

    BF has now had enough..


  18. Oh noes it crashed no reason but how

  19. The last song is too slow from sonic .EXE

  20. Baldi is the fanmade version of sonic.exe mod

  21. Try FNF Dave and Bambi golden apple edition and golden apple edition 2.0 is coming in a few days

  22. If filename2 was in this, it would just be C O R R U P T I O N

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