Phantasm But Everytime It's The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Phantasm But Everytime It’s The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Phantasm But Everytime It’s The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes

Phantasm but Swapped: (Cover: )
Skid and Pump Sing Phantasm:
Black Impostor Sings Phantasm:

Mods Used:
Chaos Nightmare:
Sans Nightmare:
Garret Sings Phantasm:
Milk Nightmare:
Phantasm but The Black Impostor sings it:
Dream and Nightmare Sing Phantasm:
Mask off Reconstruction: (Modified sprites from: )

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  1. Skid and pump was the one for me 😭

  2. Oh no sunky dropped his pie thingy he so sad he hurt his leg somehow 🙁

  3. Black amogus will soon be black amogus impostor

  4. Evil Spookies have prettier vocals

  5. the beginning is DEFINITELY a swapped version of phantasm!😃

  6. Fleetway being sad makes sense because he's stuck inside sonic

  7. Io de hb
    Mdms que tá um pouco melhor que tem que você disse que você não vai te tá yu ik eu te amo rt yu ER eu era vc hu deus e quem era vc Dr era ER que ser é a é mesmo não posso discutir

  8. bro i feel sad for sunky when his cereal dropped

  9. Well, that would be better to add Killer Sans instead of Murder Sans(Dusttale) , since Dusttale Sans isnt really evil, but some kind of Anti-hero, while Killer is killing everyone for his own fun

  10. Tbh sunky wasn’t really that stressed or sad he’s just sunky😂

  11. When was there a time black among us was not a impostor?

  12. I like how Fleetway changed. It's like he does not want to be fleetway.

  13. sunky: drops cereal
    also sunky: turns fleetway MY CEREAAAAAL-

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