Phantasm But Everytime It's The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Phantasm But Everytime It’s The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Phantasm But Everytime It’s The Sonic Turn The Mod Changes

Denji and Chainsaw Man Chromatic Scales (by M3K4):

Mods Used:
Chaos Nightmare:
Muddy Puddles Funkin’:
Phantasm but Mecha and Furnace sings it:
Encore Bf Sings Phantasm:
VS Monika.EXE V2:
Senpai nightmare:
Phantasm W.I Cover:
Phantasm – Inanimate Insanity:

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  1. Dam I didn’t know denji had enough yen for new vocal cords

  2. djdjdd no jk Jo s no soskyrihuejrjr in e hi uu IP mo 😍

  3. Que poco original la Mónica sayayin descontrolada

  4. I have some to say about this bf is a sonic is the one that is very important person 00:0

  5. Phantasm is one of my favorite tracks

  6. @crrano ¿you can play friday night symphony missasinfonia?

  7. Now I have something entertaining to watch besides cat videos.

  8. I wonder watch characters is your favorite on phantasm mod🙂

  9. The Mobian bf has new voice?

  10. it is possible to playlist only sky?

  11. Hello, I want to make an animation, to order, how can I contact you?

  12. I seen Bob in the background when peppa sang

  13. Alternative:if everyone has dark side you had to die!

  14. En el proximo cover de Phantasm usa a Dusttoybonie y su versión glitcheada
    Por cierto, buen cover🖒

  15. 2:50 bfdi the character but did you know the fnf person or he seems to be the bfdi fnf character I think

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