PIBBY TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS HERE... WITH SECRETS!! | Friday Night Funkin' [Dusk Till Dawn] - currygoatrevenge.com

PIBBY TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS HERE… WITH SECRETS!! | Friday Night Funkin’ [Dusk Till Dawn]

Forever Nenaa
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Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin Dusk Till Dawn

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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  1. When we saw her look she said:the clock is t-t-t-t-t-ticking Twilight clock

  2. 9:08 sounds like the song BMO sang from adventure time called Will Happen, Happening, Happened I think anyone else notice?

  3. in the dark cornner in the dark music says:

    My fauvorite mod is twilight i love her song!!!!

  4. I like I love all of them except for one thing Twilight one it's not Spider-Man when it's actually umm I really forgot the name oh yes the my little pony why do you laugh if they're the one that sad part I'm not mad I'm not angry I'm just want to ask I just want to know?

  5. Rn cfcfhfnrteftreyyvnerytvyiern vt ryegvrenrf yr 5 g v ytrngfrfere vhuyfvngyvgnyvfygnv trgyungyungfgiernfgv &hh rtnhvfrfvhufuhvuhnfvhuyvngvnd fiuvhgdn Fruggvf k,fg, ufcsfyfvvgd4vyrfvfr&r. H

  6. Hcdfhnfc d4 u dfhn if cnhdrugvh nf 4hn ff. Ife f ynergn vf sf cfnerfhbfnnrbhf bhefr vbgergbvfrhfbfeigcfebgyybcbfyfe

  7. Pin this! There’s a video about piggy that I know there’s 2 that I know

    One:Thursday night may 31st 2007

    Two(you need to decode this):Friday night___20__I can hear everything

  8. Is it just me or does the first part of the mod looks like (airplanes in the night sky I could really use a wish rn wish rnnnn)

  9. And I am a boy and I love the Music and subscribe to your videos

  10. I know I’m a month late but she probably didn’t realize Pinky would automatically hit the pink notes herself

  11. booooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    You don't have to press Pinkie's notes since she hits them on her own but it's easier to press Pinkie's note

  12. If you lose your a noob if you want you are a YouTuber you get 1000 bucks

  13. This is my favorite mod and channel

  14. Legend said that we pray for Miranda


  15. Twilight: 🅸l𝒍 𝒎ᎯK🅴 a 𝒇ℛᗴ🅸n𝒅Ѕᕼ🅸p 𝒑ℛO🅱l𝒆ℳ

  16. You have to play fnf but is Michael the kitty

  17. I love you💖 and your hair looks pretty awesome but

  18. Haha, I’m already planning to reach out to MatPat on twitter about this ARG. 😌

  19. Why will some youtubers knows pibbies and with pinkie pie thwy hit

  20. Fun fact pinky pie arrows are balloons and when pinky does the long note a string is connected making it look like a balloon:D

  21. You don’t do pinkie pies nots she does it for self

  22. Twilight turned into all the ponies to remember her personality

  23. мне все равно что ты не поймешь, но хочу сказать,что ты очень хорошо играешь

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