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Pico VS Evil Boyfriend – Friday Night Funkin’ Animation

Fera Animations
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  1. Awesome glad to have you back looking forward to watching more

  2. Yeesh, about time with FNF

  3. Video animation so great and interesting Fera Animation and God grant you health and you perfect animatior bloger in youtube and we love you Fera Animation😊👍💖!!!

  4. I wonder what happened to skid? Did evil bf really found him or skid is just seeing things coz of how scared he is, my theory is that skid is just seeing things and it's actually whitty and tabi are the ones who found him coz if i remember i saw a picture from the actual mod of tabi and whitty not corrupted so i think it would be really cool to see skid with whitty and tabi ,who knows? What y'all think?

  5. Looney Studios /The Clay Kings less go says:

    Finally I missed your Friday night funkin videos

  6. " please do not reupload our videos " proceeds to steal an entire song from piedadude 💀

  7. This is the awesome
    Sad how everyone lost and now…skip joins them too..

  8. This just gave me back my FNF memories….

  9. Que padrisimo!!
    La ecena que más me gustó fue donde todos están en las cuerdas la dorma en la que se ve bf me encanto
    Ojalá hagas más partes hasta el final,porque hay mucho que hacen esta bien padre y ya

  10. No Nene and Skid what happen of Skid

  11. At the end…
    CBF : HI Skid!
    Skid : AHHH~!!!!
    CBF : It's spooky months right ?
    Skid : Mhm ?
    CBF : Okay "turn Skid into corrupted Skid".

  12. Estubo bien chingon ya extrañaba tus trabajos gracias ferras🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  13. Continue bf and pico vs pibby finn and jake

  14. It'd be so awesome if you either credited me for the traced Pico art in the thumbnail, or changed it 🙂

  15. Me encanta!!

    Una pregunta ¿El mod de la corrupción sigue presente? Es decir, ¿Sigue actualizandose? Yo la verdad dejé de interesarme en el mod en 2021

  16. Friday Night funkin corrupto part 2 pliss

  17. Hope he make animations about among us too

  18. I miss corruption animation.

  19. 𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔭 𝔡3 𝔤𝔯â𝔠𝔷 says:

    This animation is inspired by The Corruption Takeover Mod
    The song is called unable by MarstarBro
    They didn't say so I'll do it

  20. God I hope this fixes the entire channel

  21. Also, I like that when nene shoots skid does the spooky dance in front of the limousine😂

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