Plants Vs. Zombie Rappers - Friday Night Funkin Animation -

Plants Vs. Zombie Rappers – Friday Night Funkin Animation

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FNF: Plants vs. Rappers (ALPHA) Mod Download:

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  1. Fera, I have one quetion.. Is it all plants from PVZ2? Oh yeah, by the way, I'm from Malaysia… I hope Fera always upload a awesome and funny video😊

  2. Hex is just a robot, How can robots be infected?

  3. You should do more slice of life vids.

    By that I mean just the characters going on adventures and other shenanigans

  4. So this is how zombies exist, it's when a soul try to enter in him body again

  5. Ty for making an animation of my friend's mod!

  6. Excuse me I thought hex was a robot
    How is he a zombie??????

  7. OG : plant vs zombies pvz plant vs zombies 2 pvz2 btw i think there is more

  8. ธีธัช รื่นกาญจนถาวร says:

    Fnf. 🧟

  9. Just a random stickman playing games idk says:

    1:40 lol how can hex be a zombie even tho that he is a robot, they could've have installed a virus

  10. It would've been better if Fera called Crazy Dave on the phone instead.

  11. My raiders Say: "pretty neat kids, Never Do mistakes if they ever died again ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, DO NOT TRY THIS AT OUTSIDE I ATTEMPTED THIS FUCKING APOCALYPSE"
    1:34 those zombies are getting weird

  12. Nice story. I love those colorful background.🤗😍😘❤

  13. That's understandable. You don't seem to have pride or mercy as a YouTuber, or did you intend to ruin fnf for a long time?

  14. Man i thought that fera animations wouldn’t make any fnf animations anymore

  15. FB Stop Motion Paper - 종이 애니메이션 says:

    Your video is very good

  16. Wait how robot can get infected 🗿?

  17. how did hex turn into a zombie did he got a virus because hes a computer not a human

  18. Your animations so cool 💎🧡💎🧡💓💙💓🧡💓💙💎🧡❤️💖❤️🖤❤️🖤💚🖤💚🖤❤️💓🧡💎🧡💓🧡💓♥️🤎♥️💓♥️🧡💓🧡💓💙💎🧡💓♥️💎♥️💎♥️💎💙😎♥️💎♥️💎♥️💎💙💎💙💎💙💎💙💙💎💙💎💙💎💙💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💜💖💜♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖💖❤️❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️❤️💖💗💖💗💖💞🖤🖤💗💜💗💜💗

  19. Why did the M&M go to school?

    It wanted to be a Smartie.

  20. Я до сих пор не понимаю как робот стал зомби

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