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What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be playing AMANDA THE ADVENTURER but IN FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’! These Friday Night Funkin’ mods are getting crazier and crazier and now they are incorporating Amanda from Amanda The Adventurer and the songs are actually pretty good. Not only that, but there are super challenging weeks and they have so much awesome art! I can’t wait for the next Amanda The Adventurer Update because we have been waiting so long! Every Amanda The Adventurer New Tape video brings so much wonder and story to the game, but today is SO different because we are just flat out fighting with Amanda in front of her haha. Join me on this awesome and crazy adventure to discover what happens when we play AMANDA THE ADVENTURER FNF MODS!!! Enjoy.
#dakblake #amandatheadventurer #fnf

1st Game:
By: Notweuz, Cooljer, Nelifs, Code Magnet, Genoka

2nd Game:
By: BexyDev, Bolacha, David.fla

3rd Game:
By: Megasss

2nd Channel:

Video Edited By: Kirara Lala
Channel Link:

Thumbnail Art By: yogiartstudios

👉 Twitter 👈 :

📹 Instagram 📹:

Songs by Kevin Macleod

Ending: Back Again by LEMMiNO


  1. It is so cool dakblake is playing hard games with a broken arm, U can take a break And make sure to tell us when ur arm is healed!

  2. Have you played zardys last song it’s called bushwack I think you haven’t played it and also it’s crazy real crazy ngl please play bushwaxck

  3. ¿{♡G@ming Lun@ with Melin & JELLY Aft0ns♡}? says:

    What if AMONG US was wooly/woolie???
    7:10 YOU MISSED 151 TIMES!!!!!!

  4. (THIS IS NOT A PRANK TRY TO SEE AND POST IN YOUR VID NOW) Hey look I got the new baby in yellow in the app stor (it’s free btw) and I got the box you know but there is a something in the floor so when the doorbell ring some fluff come from the baby room and there a bunny plush rips a bit you should look at it pls

  5. (This is not a prank it’s for real and you should look at it) hey I was playing the baby in yollow I got it from the App Store and it’s free but that’s not the point the point is as I was getting the toaster 4000 and I saw the plush it was a bunny and I knew that you should know and see and it’s whan you go to the door and it was a bit rip go look now

  6. Play sonic exe games on roblox it would make me happy

  7. 6:37 do you see that white little apple with smile? This mod is cool. In these songs Amanda looks similar to lalaloopsy, to me. The second song in episode one is the best.

  8. I cant go anywhere without hearing “lets just appreciate blah blah blah” this all became popular in late 2019-early 2020

  9. Only og's remember how he created milky banana

  10. The first huggy wuggy minecraft mod got a update can you please make a video about it and I love your videos you always make me happy when I am sad keep the amazing work

  11. Tip: if the screen shakes then focus on the arrows

  12. Hey dak can you play Roblox rainbow friends

  13. Can you ask your moder to make a unlimited money mod for my hero academia the strongest hero/ MHA TSH for p

  14. I love you that Blake you’re the best YouTube or ever make more videos oh Jan go back in the Game called baldy‘s basics please peace milky Banana

  15. dac i sent a freind request on roblox pls acept also cause im a youtuber


  17. Did you notice in the first mod she had a knife

  18. The FNF mods are always so cool but they are also so hard! Especially since you only have one hand! You couldn’t even change hands or anything😅
    Such a hilarious video! I loved it❤️

  19. hey I found a game you should play its called andys apple farm it is so cursed can you play it.

  20. You should do you go to Poppy playtime chapter 2 Anna Minecraft mod

  21. it would be funny if you turn the neighbor into a milky banana XD

  22. dakblake-what did you to woolie he looks like a real sheap me-woolie is a LAMB

  23. I noticed that there is a Bendy in the background

  24. Me and my little brother watching you and his iPad and my iPad at the same time me:looking at 2 iPads one video😅😂.

  25. Can you watch the mommy long legs origin story please and thank you

  26. I heard his fingers slamming against his keyboard XD

  27. Hey dakblake can you play The Night of the Consumers?

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