Playing Friday Night Funkin for the FIRST TIME EVER! *ALL SONGS* -

Playing Friday Night Funkin for the FIRST TIME EVER! *ALL SONGS*

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Today we’re Playing Friday Night Funkin *ALL SONGS + UPDATE*


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  1. I liked when you said that I’m rapping because I feel black 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Bro am i the only one who came late😂love your vids❤❤

  3. You need to stop doing easy and try hard or normal because its easier just try

  4. Dude – it's not over yet, there's mods.

  5. PLAY MODS PLEASE🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  6. I'm good at this game

  7. 30:49 "It's freaking WaTeRmElOn head!!!" Got me laughing so hard😂

  8. oH iTs jUst eAsY mOdE MaImA, WhAt's GoInG oN!? 😱🥺

  9. Girl you need to go back and do hardddd pleaseeee

  10. Fun fact, Boyfriend is 7 feet tall and Girlfriend is tall enough to have to kneel to hold his hand. Girlfriend is also 900 pounds (Yes, I love studying FNF lore)


    Happy to see you and hear from you too ❤❤🤗

  12. He said that I’m going to eat your girlfriend when you said what did you say about my girl

  13. You,Forever Neana and shiny X are the same person 😂

  14. no one:
    maima:im finna rap cause im feeling black😫💀😤

  15. useless fnf facts :

    bf and gf are said to be really dumb, and only be scared of lightning. one thing they constantly think abt is their love for eachother.

    pico and boyfriend actually used to date prior to boyfriend and girlfriend

    boyfriends hair is naturally blue

    boyfriend is based of phantomarcades experience dating a girl w a mean dad

    the monster is based off lemon demon

  16. Ooh the nostalgia (but it hasn't even been that long…..)

  17. Im so happy you pkayed fnf this definitely trains ur fingers to have reflexes of its own

  18. Envmai play Friday night funkin plus reaction

  19. These buddys that tryna kill Pico are Pico's friends (They're names: Darnell, Nene)

  20. Her the whole video: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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