Playtime but Different Characters Sing It 🎶 (FNF Playtime Remix but Everyone Sings It) -

Playtime but Different Characters Sing It 🎶 (FNF Playtime Remix but Everyone Sings It)

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you’ll see Playtime but every turn a different character sings it. Different characters sing Playtime from the After Rainbow Friends mod and every turn a different cover is used!

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Mods used:
After Rainbow Friends –
Vs Huggy Wuggy –
Alphabet Lore VS F –
CN Takeover –
Regular Friday Night –
BPM Turn Bass –
Melodii Chromatic –
Chainsaw Man VS Sword –
Hypno’s Lullaby V2 –
Wednesday’s Infidelity Part 2 VS Mickey Mouse –
Indie Cross –
Mistful Crimson Morning –
Vs Sonic.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 –
D-Sides V2.7 –
Singstar Challenge –
Mario’s Madness –
V.S. Pocoyo –

Original song by @KJElliottIsCool – remix by @awe9037
This mod is based on a Roblox Horror game, similar to Poppy Playtime, and a Blue vs Huggy Wuggy rap battle.

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Not FNF Playtime Remix But Everyone Sings It, Playtime Remix But Different Characters Sing It, or any other music video like that.
This is my own series previously known as FNF but Every Opponent’s Turn a Different Character Sings It, inspired by the popular BETADCIUs of Blantados and SHAvibe, and with versions such as Ejected and Playtime but everyone sings it.

These covers were made with FL Studio.

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  1. Phillipines Ball (AHPP) #standwithukraine says:

    Buen video por cierto (soy un gran fan)

  2. Será tremendo remix pero el de Mommy seguirá siendo mi favorito

  3. I was just wondering when you were gonna upload again. And as always, you never disappoint!!

  4. glad they brought Playtime onto the spotlight, still the bop it has the right to be.

  5. OMG Amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Good job 👌👌👌👌👌

  6. When something is so awesome you have no words

  7. Neonight's covers are always worth waiting for.

  8. Para mi la mejor parte es la de oswald

  9. Can we stop with the Rainbow Friends stuff? It's seriously getting annoying how you constantly milk it. Jesus.

  10. Felicidades Neonight con el BETACIU número 100! Tus BETACIU son lo mejor! Espero que hagas muchas más y que nunca te rindas! Si se nota que tú pones mucho esfuerzo en tus videos!

  11. Heyoooo Neo!!! Glad to see ur back!!!! :D💕💕 keep up the awesome work bud!!!! ^^

  12. hola neonight tienes nueva sub una pregunta quieres participar en mi especial navideño?

  13. Huggy finally has a normal voice, and the remix is fire

  14. This is so unexpected, I was worried because I thought your gone, I hope you make more banger cover ❤👍

  15. Can i be honest with you,i think alphabet lore,Rainbow friends and pibby got boring because it gets milked so much to the point its tiring

  16. I saw everything… but…

    MX vs Pocoyo…
    I didn't see it…

  17. Pocoyo the ultimate gigachad at the age of 4

  18. Playtime Remix is better than Playtime, Neonight! 👍 😊

  19. I love this picture very much 🥰🔥🔥

  20. When will we get playtime but boxy boo :(?



  22. ALSO



  23. Those huggy sprites look really cool.
    Great cover!

  24. Man, I love this cover, personally one of my favorites, so glad you're back! And tbh you pretty much inspired me to now make yt videos 😀

  25. Trikitrakatelas ahora si suena bien epico wn

  26. I’m super proud of you neo! I’m super glad you got 100 FNF videos wow! My friend You did it! I wish we could talk again thanks for making my day better!

  27. Who Made This FNF Poppy Playtime Chapter 1: A-Tight-Squeeze Mod? CommunityGame Never Told Us About This. The Song is So Rugged and Glowcer

  28. Wow… 1 year since the first fnf poppy playtime song… And it is still a banger to listen to… I love it ! Great cover dude ! And congrats for a 100 videos too ! You are amazing ! 😁👍🎉

  29. wait i havent seen neonight videos in a long while, is he a baby channel now or something, i mean this is still good as usual but definitely noticed a pattern looking at the choice of song and characters with the recent stuff, eh oh well

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