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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 PART 5 VS SONIC & BALDI! Minecraft Animation Monster Movie Story Challenge

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Poppy Playtime CHAPTER 2 MINECRAFT ANIMATION Ft. Sonic and Baldi Vs Mommy Long Legs, Huggy Wuggy Monster. Wanna live? A FULL GAME MOVIE challenge at the Toy Factory. There are Players, Secrets, Memes, puzzles, Theory, Grabpacks, and more! Huggy Wuggy screams “I’m not a Monster!” Based off FNAF and the memory of Toy Story with Toys being brought to real life. Steve is invited to the Toy Factory of Playtime Co. Who’s next? You decide below! Mario, Baldi, Spongebob, kissy missy? CHAPTER 3 IS NEXT! CHAPTER 4 will be later?

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Minecraft MOD and MAP by Mewca! Link below! Special thanks!

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You’ve just watched Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 vs. MINECRAFT SONIC and BALDI Challenge. If Sonic and Baldi was in… Poppy Playtime.

Who’s next? You decide below! Mario, Baldi, Spongebob? We’re breaking the internet this Christmas. Chapter 3 will be more scary.


  1. attento sonic chai mommy long legs di dietro di te sonic sonic ce la I dietro a mommy long legs

  2. sonic noooooo mommy long legs sei lenta sonic è più veloce di te

  3. What about Mario and Luigi they need to find those three

  4. Like the sound acting bro keep up the good work wildcraft

  5. Amazing finale! The fight scenes with Sonic vs Mommy Long Legs was epic!

  6. If I see the part where sonic kick mommy her but I lauch

  7. Next after this do rainbow friends its a new popular roblox game out I think it would be a great game to animate

  8. sonic regresa en la temporada 33333333333

  9. Thank God She didn’t eat him/kill him!
    Also I might be dumb but I didn’t know Baldi can’t be killed by spiders


  11. How can mommy’s plastic arms make the electric work

  12. Wildcraft make rainbow friends I really want to see them with sonic and baldi

  13. Will you be selling any Wildcraft merchandise in the future? T shirts, etc. My son loves Wildcraft.

  14. Omg yesss you’re my favorite idol and I love your videos keep up the good work you doing great you’re making a good progress to go out to ever talk to my favorite YouTuber in the whole world I used to watch you a long time ago when I was only five make the best videos:)

  15. Those grippers though😏😏😏

  16. Wil be video five nights at freddy's security breach vs sonic baldi's and minecraft part 2

  17. What you see on finding by the grinder you can see her feet inside the shoes

  18. Mommy Long Legs scared me when she jumped to get Sonic but now she is in the grinder lol

  19. Hey everyone! Missed you! This is the final Part 5 FINALE to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2! Thank you so much for enjoying the adventure and there's a lot more adventure to come! Hit the like button in two seconds and Subscribe with notifications on just hit the bell icon so you dont miss anything! I am remaking a few past videos for Monday's in between new animations! Thank you again Love you and enjoy. <3

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