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PURPLE DUDE!! #fnf #fnfmod #fridaynightfunkin

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THEY TOOK GF AWAY… | Mario Madness V2

“It’s a Friday noon, you’re hanging out at your girlfriend’s house, when all of a sudden, a package arrives at the door, you and your girlfriend receive it and open it, you realize it’s an NES cartridge, you insert it into his father’s console and start playing, not knowing you’ve unleashed a demon.

you and your girlfriend are dragged into the tv by a pair of gloved hands, you wake up in an empty space, you look up at the sky, and then, you see him…

you’re not alone here.”

Mario’s Madness v2 Is Finally Here, 29 NEW and Remade Songs + the original 7 songs from v1, a lot of characters, stages, mechanics and new extra additions in the mod, Beat all the songs to try to defeat mario for good. Experience nostalgia at its finest! Play rolling thunder game online now.

Be ready, survive, and say hello to murder.

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