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QUIET Friday Night Funkin´(Animated)

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Music: GoddessAwe

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  1. Sweet animations!!!:)
    PS. For those wondering, this is based off of Lylace's BETADCIU cover of this same song.

  2. Amazing I love how much effort you put to this video

  3. I just love Lylace's Betadcius, she put my favorite characters in them like, always. And this animated version of it is just, top tier!

  4. Me encantó tu animación de la canción quiet 💙😁 y está parte me gusta 0:43

  5. I love these videos, keep it as good as the whole series ❤👽

  6. No se brother pero siento que tus animacion estan yendo de mal en peor, en cuanto a calidad
    Osea simplemente mira como dibujaste a nikusa, parece personaje de dragon ball
    Espero tomes esto como critica constructiva, cuidate

  7. Holy crap this animation is so good

  8. Can you lower the mouths abit cus thats where i get the unsettlement

  9. Asian Cookie Person Base & Robloxian Base Fan 2007 says:

    Oh really, i like fnf

  10. How many days did I make this animation I think a year and a half 😂

  11. Why nikku is looks like that she came from dragon ball z?


  13. Fnf Vs Sonic.Exe is the best mod of the entire Fnf community ever created and without any rival, it had to be said and was said 🙂

  14. I love Friday Night Funkin is amazing, and your videos are very beautiful, creative, HOW I LOVE THEM!!!, I LOVE THEM!!!

  15. Man, Pibby Corruption is really going strong

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