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Rainbow Friends | FNF mod – but All Rainbow Friends | Friday Night Funkin New Mod Roblox

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All Rainbow Friends – Blue and Green and ourple and orange

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  1. maldita animación de Latinoamérica

  2. I wonder if idiots who milk mods have brains and touch grass

  3. bro just changed the name and colors and then called it a day

  4. dude this is clickbait. All you did was change the colour of blue, im disliking this. I am disappointed 😡

  5. This is the worse then gacha life fnf videos bro! Come on! At least put some effort into it! There’s literally like 0 effort put into this. Literally all you did was recolor blue from the original. I call this, trash that belongs in the dumpster!

  6. SrFøxy2288YT SuSඞ Shitpøst U Otras Cosas xD says:

    Que Mierda, Este Canal Merece Ser Baneado, Tanto Esfuerzo En La Comunidad Y Nada.

  7. Ok so first you make a rip off second there just recolor and they also offbeat to the music and he's milking it god Lee bro

  8. Ok, but seriously. Out of all content you could make. You decide to make this shit? lmao.

  9. 😒JuicyYT😒 (KaydenYT) THE SECOND CHANNEL says:

    milking and noob vids and clickbait thumbnail

  10. Ksosskkskxksksksksk There’s a dummy I like rainbow plans I’m not gonna go over there go to STAN daddy can you help me not be there

  11. The song is good, but the charting is crap. They aren’t different characters, just a re color 😑

  12. นิศาชน สงสระน้อย says:

    Blue but he paint himself 3 times

  13. I mean don’t be so RUDE to the editor I kinda like the music great job whoever made this

  14. Can you just do the original mod like the full one

  15. Am here make a video of goodbye world but with me please tomorrow I die

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