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Rainbow Friends x Garten of BanBan BLUE vs BANBAN | Friends to your End Poppy Playtime FNF Animation

IDOL Toons
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BATTLE ARENA: Blue VS BanBan | Rainbow Friends x Garten of BanBan x FNF Animation


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Original Animation Concept/ Fan-Story by: IDOL Toons
Animator: Jei Kun

Music credits to:

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  1. Super beautiful rainbow friends 👍

  2. Super beautiful Garten of BanBan 👍

  3. Super beautiful poppy_playtime 👍

  4. Has everyone this is a copy from idol toon evidence:
    1. Bunzo Celaping
    2. Gf the one speaking

  5. Love how much effort you guys put in these animations, love your content so much 😍

  6. кролик Бонзо помогите удалить канал :_) says:

    you have cool animations and beautiful but not Bunzo but bonzo and she is a girl and she has a little more ears Daddy also has long legs, blue mustache and pink eyes

  7. Blue dont have any power only seek. Seek power is big hand

  8. This is good and all BUT WE WANT PIBBY FINALE PART 2

  9. Porque estos canales sacan sus ay me enoje aaa soy mas poderoso ai si red le ubiera dado una posion ai si pero si no le metieran la sobrebalorasion le ganaria fasil baban

  10. Banban the poppyplaytime booboo rainbow friends blue are won i hate banban

  11. The fight ended to quick but still animation is good

  12. These don’t really count we haven’t seen the full capabilities of them

  13. And also you guys can’t be guessing that Blue has a super secret power same with Green and the others that you’re probably gonna do

  14. That was so sick and awesome excellent work dude that was amazing

  15. Yes rainbow friends vs garten of banban🤩🤩

  16. Ughhhh i hate blue won blue ugly 😡🤬💙❌✖/❤😉😉😉

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