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Ranking Everyone Sings Termination – Friday Night Funkin

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Ranking Everyone Sings Termination – Friday Night Funkin
Today we are going to be Ranking Everyone Sings Termination! Episode 4! I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I think you should react to more then 3 covers in one video. You should also react to covers from lesser known creators for more variety.

  2. There is a cover of genocide by QT and KB but there isn’t a termination cover by tabi

  3. Upgraded starving artist would of been better there

  4. I hope you do everyone sings Final Destination next on your Ranking series.

  5. btw you should do everyone's expurgation, victor does tripples instead of doubles

  6. I missed the stream but I'm happy you posted the video but please keep this up it's one of my favorite series on your channel

  7. You Should Check Out Ythundyth And JomJom412

  8. There are quite a few covers of Godrays that are out there. You could check those out.

  9. you should do triple trouble for the next one might be super long but you'll enjoy it. keep up the great work!

  10. I love your reaction to this it's awesome

    Edit:Hope you react to Playtime but everyone sings it

  11. Why does huggy wuggy's voice in fnf remind me of ash's gliscor?

  12. Oh hi, my cover is there appearently lol (and I won? ayo nice didn't expected that LOL)

    Thanks for including me in there tho, I like seeing people giving feedback in covers and it kinda serves to future BETADCIUs as well!

  13. Some characters have updated vocals, so hopefully these kind of covers also get updated

  14. bro tell me why little man in the first cover sounds like a car alarm

  15. You should rank Triple Trouble BETADICU's (Everyone sings) next. Also if you think Ruby was crazy in this one, wait until you hear more everyone sings with Ruby in them!

  16. You should check Vitor more often, his cover are sick. Great video, bro.


  18. maaaybe you could do ranking "you cant run" covers? i reccomend Vitor's cover

  19. Lmaooooo Ruv sound Like A Fucking Machine Gun😜

  20. Ha that what Anthony sounds like in the intro that's his voice now

  21. There's actually a ghost betadciu. and yes, from the camellia mod. also quoar and WDYHM but WDYHM isn't that good

  22. Four people was pitted to on lol in the 4 people

  23. →𝔾ø𝕝𝕕𝕚_𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕒← says:


  24. 20:06 from here they just said: deckjhbdcvihgwdfljvjhdwflkjgvrwifuhvwlkrfhvlkwdjhfvipsufblkj

  25. You should react to everyone sings animal ^~^

  26. Hey! If you like FNF covers, you should try listening to ItssYurii! He does covers of FNF songs with his friends and such! I think you’d like it 😀

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