REGULAR SHOW 🎤 Friday Night Funkin' Animation -

REGULAR SHOW 🎤 Friday Night Funkin’ Animation

Hornstromp Toons
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Without knowing it, 🤭BF will bother BENSON the boss of everyone in REGULAR SHOW, 😏and he will play his piano to the FNF rhythm, 🎹🎶with which he will change his shape randomly,🔊 and as a surprise they will go to MORDECAI & RIGBY’s house, 🏡 just to bother 🦊🐦RIGBY a little, in an attempt of total madness, 😡BENSON will transform into a yes but version seems to be driven by the will, 🤬⚡which will pulverize anyone who gets in the way. 🩻💨

Do you think Boyfriend will be able to defeat him and eat his favorite candy? 🍬🍰😋

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00:00 – REGULAR SHOW 📺
02:45 – Rainbow Friends Vs Poppy Playtime 🎶
06:06 – ”GoodBye” BLUE LOVE PINK 🎤
08:47 – “Corrupted Sliced” But Everyone Sings It 🎤
09:58 – Blue Vs Boyfriend
10:59 – BLUE Vs Huggy Wuggy

Friday Night Funkin Animations – @HornstrompToons ✔️

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game in which the player controls a character called Boyfriend, who must defeat a series of opponents in order to continue dating his significant other, Girlfriend. The player must pass multiple levels, referred to as “weeks”, each containing three songs.

Original animation HORNSTROMP
Original Song Cover:
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BOYFRIEND ON REGULAR SHOW 🎤 FNF Rainbow Friends Animation


  1. Hello IM first in your comment

  2. Thanks For New Video!!!
    Great Job Hornstromp!!!

  3. 😊 😆 ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  4. Lol, I love how Boyfriend used The Power to turn Benson into Squidward, Rigby being punched by Mordecai, Benson and Boyfriend, and how Mordecai and Rigby and Pops look like what they look like in the actual show.

  5. The song is called: "GET OUT!" I think I can't remember

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥❤️

  7. Dude once more time there is an non-kidfriendly part


  8. Ooh I love the way Kirby looks and is because she's one of my favorite video game characters 💖💖💖⭐⭐⭐

  9. Omg benson for regular show thanks honstromp 😆😆😆

  10. Buena animación de un show más había olvidado había un mod del serie igualmente quedó bien

  11. Porque no lo hiciste como al estilo de un show así de como si fuera un episodio mas

  12. Hace una animación de slendytubbies funkin r.a.d del mod de fnf

  13. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏳️‍🌈✖️❎❌❌

  14. @HornstrompToons YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!!!!!! terminates channel

  15. What's your Favorite Regular Show Character?

  16. Yo recuerdo en cartoon network la animación cuando era pequeño

  17. You should do more fnf regular show animations like this.

  18. realy benson turn into squidward it was funny

  19. Regular show in ohio:
    And 1:17 is just mordecai beating up rigby LMFAO but the smile on mordecais face tho

  20. Your content is still the best, really creative that I can't stop watching

  21. Kitty Anime Girl Plush adventures Cup Mug says:

    REGULAR SHOW! My fav show ever! 😀 i grew up in my childhood i was teen 😀 i love alot Mordecai and Rigby and Bneson! 😀 ❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙🤎🤎 i love them alot theyall punching rigby lol 1:14 also noooo dont eat benson ;-; i can punch bf lol i love your animtions it look pretty good 😉

  22. You should do more fnf regular show animations like this.

  23. Poppy playtime is nice but rainbow friends are bad

  24. こんなにおもしろい動画を作ってくれてありがとう。作者さん

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