RETRO VS A.C. VOID (Ectospasm Apocalypse But A.C. Void Sings It) - Friday Night Funkin' -

RETRO VS A.C. VOID (Ectospasm Apocalypse But A.C. Void Sings It) – Friday Night Funkin’

Lightning Reed
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Original Song:

Metal Cover:

Void mod:

RetroSpecter mod:


  1. Void combos so well with the guitar in the inst

  2. favorite part 2:01
    its sounds SOOO GOOD never watched fnf in 8 months

  3. The Physical Avatar of the Abyys Vs. THE SIN OF WRATH

  4. How do you always make these covers sound so amazing, great cover of a great song

  5. wow…I got no words…

  6. АкылАлтын Оразбаевы says:

    It is the amazing
    Suggestion: Common sense but Void sings it please 😌🙏

  7. I like void. I LOVE RetroSpecter, Ectospasm is my favorite song on fnf, retro and a.c void is the Perfect Combination

  8. Isn’t @RuvStyle already cover this but before Void V2 update with Overhead chart and covering the 1:08 part?

  9. wow, the cover is such an inteste song, I love it!

  10. 🔥Increíble Banger 🔥 🤩
    Void funciona de forma magnífica en cualquier canción, todavía tengo ganas de escuchar como canta rejoice con Lycurgus, seria espectacular honestamente, pero eso queda a tu desición jeje

  11. OH MY GOD THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING If I had already liked the one you did with psychic, I loved this keep it up ^^

  12. A.C Void sounds really good here! Awesome! (^^)

  13. Can you make someday Copycat but Void sings it? Btw, epic video bro 👀

  14. Mmh yes epicness that's all we wanted in this cover!

  15. The second Ectospasm cover on this channel and I’m here for it.

  16. it's awesome as flames
    nice cover 👍

  17. FINALLY void get one non metal but he still need to sing preseason

  18. OMG this song is so sick💖❤️
    And Void's voice fits perfectly in this song♥️💖

  19. Now this is a battle between 2 realms of absolute power!

  20. Day 5 of asking for void camellia covers (Also great cover)

  21. Omfg I never thought Retrospecter and Void could be an awesome duo! The A.C. effects make it even better

  22. Can you make tone it down fnf but void and A.C sings it (Void's Transformation)

  23. who would win:
    a personification of one of the galaxy's most dangerous objects to exist, capable of traveling across the eons and having no limitations of power whatsoever
    some acidic furry boi

  24. I could not stop head banging to this song. This is…just golden. I Adore it

  25. I want to imagine this a reboot but it’s Apocalypse and now Void sings this as AC Void.

  26. Astralspasmic ectospasms

  27. As always, an amazing cover 😀
    I didn't think I liked Void's voice so much.

    By the way, I have an idea for a cover. The song "Performance", where Psychic will be in the role of Spring Bonnie, and Void will be in the role of Fredbear. I think they will sound like a great duet in this lol song.

  28. I can't believe I didnt get notified of this MASTERPIECE 😭 Anyways, Great cover as always Light! A.C sounds sick!

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