Returning to Friday Night Funkin' mods Live on a Friday night (4/21/23) -

Returning to Friday Night Funkin’ mods Live on a Friday night (4/21/23)

Tony means Anthony
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Here are the rules:
1. No spamming. It’s annoying and will flood the chat.
2. Please be patient and bear with me. I try my best to do everything that I have to do.
3. Swearing is allowed but don’t swear too much bc it’s a bad habit.
4. Homophobia, racism, religion, and politics are not allowed in here at all, so keep that stuff to urself pls and ty.
5. You can meme around. Just don’t go too far as to straight up bullying someone with it.
6. Speaking of bullying, be nice and respectful to everyone on the stream.
7. If ur in the vc with me, pls do NOT say my name over and over again, it’s annoying.
8. Don’t fight or start drama unless ur joking around (I can tell if ur joking around or not so don’t even TRY to fool me!)
9. No complaining about what game I’m streaming, I allow game requests, but those have to be games that I have.
10. Don’t ask for mod. I choose who gets mod and who doesn’t.
11. Pls ignore background noises. They ain’t the main focus of the stream.
12. No self promotion. It can drag my viewers to u which I don’t want. I only permit if I know u as a content creator friend.
That’s about it. Have fun and enjoy yourself on the channel! 😀

If u break em, you’ll receive 3 warnings; do it again, it’s a time out. And finally, after that, ur banned.

I also have some for the mods:
1. Pls don’t time out or ban anyone without my permission. Result in doing this will be in a warning; after that, you’ll lose ur mod until I say so.
2. U don’t have to but try to be active during my streams bc that’s a quality of being a mod.

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  1. that was a really really cursed finn i just saw this day. thanks for the replay TMA

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