Revisiting Friday Night funkin' ALL WEEKS (WHERE IS WEEK 8?) -

Revisiting Friday Night funkin’ ALL WEEKS (WHERE IS WEEK 8?)

Bijuu Mike
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What happened to Friday Night Funkin’ and where is week 8? I decided to replay all the weeks because its been so long since i heard the songs and we talk about the future of FNF

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  1. I still wondering…

    When is week 8 get released?
    (Probably will be a case similar GTA 6)

  2. Remember that they will not release week 8 by itself, but it will release with a decent chunk of the full game, be patient

    Also pin this for everyone else to know or pin anyone else's comment that talks about the same thing

  3. I remember playing the first week second song all the time on my windows 7

  4. With the kickstarter merch, i think i watched a video over all of the controversy surrounding the merch not being made whatsoever, and people are convinced that the creators are just scamming people out of their money.

  5. Wait till he finds out about Funky Friday on roblox

  6. Really hope this video gets some people back into FNF… sure, there was a lot of drama back then, but nowadays everything is mostly fine! Really hope the game gets the spotlight it deserves.

  7. Day 1 of asking to play Undertale fangames.

  8. I love how you can hear him aggresively mashing his keys

  9. you need to do more fnf content. there are loads of mods and the week 8 is gonna come out in a year or so i think…

  10. omg please play ourple guy v3 and/or friday night crunchin v3 you will absolutely LOVE them 👍👍👍❤

  11. HOLD ON. I CHECKED THE FNF TWITTER ACC AND IT SAID WEEK 8 IS ON THE NEWGROUNDS VERSION?? I don’t know if this is true since im on ipad and cant test it out but CAN SOMEONE PROVE THIS

  12. So NinjaMuffin99 and the devs promised the update in late 2023 or early 2024, there are billions of teasers and leaks online, exciting.

  13. Bf and gf are too stupid to be scared by lemon demon in the lore

  14. You should play deep rock galactic

  15. week 8 isnt ready yet, its still being worked on, im not working on it i just i know the news about week 8 thats all fyi

  16. This is so funny I just made a video playing this game lol Also love your stuff!!! I remember watching you play the fnf mods when they came out

  17. Ngl that “Ugh” reminds me of Squillium “You call that dancing? Here I go. Who put you on the planet? Ugh.”

  18. Hey mike could you possibly play the twinsoma mod

  19. man i miss when fnf wasnt so complicated. Basically when ballistic was the hardest fnf song

  20. I remember watching Fnf and I was like, “wow this looks fun and easy!” So I tried to play it and failed daddy dearest 7 times before quitting💀

  21. MAN this brings me back to how i discovered the channel just lookin for fnf content

  22. This reminds me why I loved fnf and wasn’t because of how difficult it was to beat but because of how fun it is to play within the rhythm of the song and just vibing. Too bad we had to experience all the drama just from modded versions of this game

  23. Ive been watching you before the first time youve played FNF Damn, thats a LOONG time.

  24. damn mike i remember the first time i watched you play this game after jay and thinking 'man you suck.' you are literally, SO GOOD at this game now, it's not even funny.

  25. Man week 8 and the full game are not out for years and mods are getting delayed or cancelled! Despite that tho I let a band of 4 cook it longer.


  27. Day 39 of asking Mike to continue playing The Wardrobe

  28. I’m pretty sure that the lemon monster/lemon demon was played by the musician lemon demon

  29. Geometry dash 2.2 is coming out next week I think. Fnf week 8 comes out next year in may alongside the full game

  30. 2:12 :0 OOH- das wat hes said ok bye bye

    Why are you reading this

  31. alr gonna do this… day 1 asking bijuu mike watch beyblade burst ytp

  32. I was playing this yesterday and I got the notification for this video-

  33. I’m glad I’m not the only one that stills plays it

  34. Can you change your keybinds to AS JK its more easyer

  35. I think you don’t have ideas anymore bijuu

  36. I used to bing watch u and jays fnf vids this is so nostalgic

  37. Hey, did you know that there's fnf on roblox. It's called monday morning misery.

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