Roblox Friday Night Funkin... -

Roblox Friday Night Funkin…

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KREW plays Friday Night Funkin’ in Roblox!
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The Original Friday Night Funkin Game!
Play the Game here ►

Roblox Basically FNF ►
Roblox Even More FNF ►

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  1. a fnf song is called jump in I think

  2. Funneh: born on October 31 (halloween)
    Lunar: spooky witch

  3. It's funny definitely played funky Friday in Roblox that's why she's so good at it also I love your videos it's funny

  4. realised we forgot about funnehs birthday 😖

  5. I love the part when they play The senpai song from FNF


  7. Funneh has denifly been practiceing for a looooooooooong time

  8. funeh:SHES ROASTING ME had me on the floor

  9. Funneh was so worried that she will lose but she won all of them

  10. its true that kat actually was born at Halloween cause betty and kim skipped Halloween

  11. They should retry the Friday Night Funkin like the real one bc they are better and they can easily go through the levels!!

  12. i love how the intro goes smoothly instead of chaotic

  13. The reason why Funneh is winning is because she keeps cheating and talking while rapping.

  14. My brothers was watching y’all and my brother called lunar laner lol

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