Rooten Family but Every Turn a Different Character Sings it (FNF Rooten Family) - [UTAU Cover] -

Rooten Family but Every Turn a Different Character Sings it (FNF Rooten Family) – [UTAU Cover]

Ander Universe :3
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★Mods used:

High-Effort Family Guy:
Vs Luz:
VS Gumball Glitch:
VS Pibbified Peppa Pig –
Vs Pibby corrupted peppa pig 2.0:
Funkin and Learn BETA:
Vs Jenny:
Vs Pibby Phineas And Ferb:
Corrupted Loud House:
Steven mod:
Vs Spinel:
Peridot Skin:
Vs Corrupted Ben 10: …
Unikitty Corrupted:
FNF Pibby Homer:


★My Voicebanks and New Skin:
(Remember to give me credits if you use my voicebanks)


★Voicebanks: XS1Epicly!


★Midi: @TheKelpek


★Ust: @xs1epicly



  1. Timestamps for Fallen Friends:
    0:00 Tord is getting his giant robot ready for battle
    0:14 HËY TØRD
    0:15 Tord vs Corrupted Edd
    0:28 Corrupted Tom joins
    0:38 Tom is breaking free
    0:47 Tord uncorrupts Tom
    0:53 Tom and Tord vs Corrupted Edd
    1:19 Corrupted Matt joins
    1:42 Goodbye, old friends…
    1:44 Tom vs Corrupted Edd
    2:10 Tom accidentally makes Tord's giant robot explode

  2. Report button looks really shiny today

  3. Bro are they really gonna corrupted anime now💀

  4. 😢😢😢😢😢 noticias no a y dijo

  5. Mais que merda de som é esse,
    Eu prefiro os mais legais

  6. Lincoln was my
    Childhood now I 17 I like me Ben 20 now

  7. I like that lincoln has his own vocals here instead of using spongebob nice job

  8. I don't know if you hear brian say hey stewie on this part 0:14

  9. I loved Spinels and peridots voice in here also Lincolns voice

  10. Now this song has the the little pony version

  11. Why does Peter sound like a agresive robot

  12. Blog a mí me retaste un pvp 1vs 1 pero obvio que no te tengo miedo bien bien el canal encima me retaste de canal de zuko

  13. I think this sounds better than the actual one without cover

  14. Licon lau no tiene que tener glich lo denunciare ahora

  15. En la portada del video párese como si BEN es tuviera agarrando la cabeza de BRIAN

  16. Also this video was published online since 10 months ago

  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮❤❤❤❤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  18. I wonder know why Pibbified Peter's UTAU chromatic sounds like Retrospecter

  19. I like how they’re all suffering but there vibing as well🤣🤣🤣

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