Sarvente & Ruv's First Encounter (Friday Night Funkin' Comic Dub) -

Sarvente & Ruv’s First Encounter (Friday Night Funkin’ Comic Dub)

Cougar macdowall Va
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We see just how Ruv and Sarvente first met and became friends.

Huge thanks to Diana for letting me dub their comics follow her Twitter and Instagram below:

☆Agoti played by Jordopriceva:
☆Tabi, Whitty played by me
☆Sarvente, GF played by Jelzyart follow her here:
☆Kitty Cat played by Ssels

Ya boy Cougar

Thanks so much for watching more Friday Night Funkin comics coming soon, maybe a few happier ones but who knows. But don’t worry plenty of Godzilla Vs Kong, Steven Universe, Among Us, and Puppet show things in the works.

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  1. Aww… this will definitely be my headcanon 😈🥰🤕

  2. Yo can someone make a AU where there's so demons and Muzan is a gang leader and his gang is called the demons has he's members (demons) and the upper moon and the lower moon are the rankings for the members and the demons slayers can be the opposite gang and it's name sould be Demon slayers with it's members with the hashira being the higher class members, tonjiros and Nezukos (was the solo survivor of the event) family was murder by Muzans gang and now is seeking the help of the demon slayer gang, on the way the he finds zenitu and Inoske who's family where also murdered by Muzans gang. They find the Demon slayers and join the gang
    I know this is alot but it would be so fun to watch and a amazing comic dub thanks

  3. That’s how Sarv met ruv 😆😃😃😃

  4. More freddy and vannesa, and roxy and freddy.freddy and vannesa first then roxy and freddy thank you love your videos.

  5. Why does it sound like Sarvente has a southern accent

  6. Мөнхсайхан Дэлгэрсайхан says:

    People not Scared of you because there are your friends you're a nun aren't you all you know that you are actually none Scared of you because there are your friends you're a nun aren't you all you know that you are actually none

  7. Мөнхсайхан Дэлгэрсайхан says:

    At least I fought but you're actually It's not bad at rock barrel I am talking about your future you've been having a rough battle and you Losing with boyfriend the kid actually can can you wrap that on Friday night funkin then you make a mod of you

  8. Мөнхсайхан Дэлгэрсайхан says:

    Oh yeah your future gonna be better like that you gotta beyou gotta be an strong demon or AI didn't know what you are bro sorry for that servante sorry vente We're using the voice thing I'm not I've been I can't talk anymore it's just time to pass under OK I'm using that yeah goodbye

  9. Fun fact Sarvente gave here ribbon to Ruv as a reminder the the will see each other again in the future when the are all grown up. Also Ruv's full name is Ruvyzvat.👍

  10. By the way ni ichi and kevin = axololt they
    Regenerate like ghidora

  11. And pls upload more godzilla comic dubs I'm a fan of godzilla mothra kevin ni i chi fire chicken

  12. Beautiful comic 💜❤️💞💞💕😊💜❤️💞

  13. I think they are afraid of him because his voice causes earthquakes (meme reference)

  14. Where’s the part they start making out after 10 minutes?

  15. Cursed Starflight From Somewhere On The Internet says:

    I've rewatched it like 5 times already and it's still the best video ever

  16. This is so cute and true this is how we did meet💜😁💜😁!

  17. Movies telling a lie because like they said they're scared of his eye patch because I think they're afraid of his singing because it can make a earthquake that's what I think

  18. I thought they met in Russia because that's where Ruv is from right

  19. Kid ruv: maybe because I look scary in their eyes

  20. Fact about them when they we're still kids. Ruv grew up in a poor town with no friends even a family so yeah he never experience love and care causing him to have edgy vibes and look however he still wanted to friends with other kids and talk to them but they get scared all because of what he look like. And so bunch of mean kids wanted to have a fight with him and then he did got a fight and physically injured his other eye. That's why he wear eyepatch. And for Sarv, she has unfullfilled childhood causing her body and mindset to not age and she developed and immortal like abilities. Everybody scared of her too because she is a demon and they believe demons are scary and gory and do all darkstuff even Sarv was a different demon she's a good demon. And in my guess Sarv has a family too a Christian family but since she was born as a demon some Christians denied of accepting a demon in a church however her parents still protects her until they died and Sarv was the blame for her parents death and was banned in the place and then she was all alone. And Sarv might look like young but she was centuries old and older than Ruv. So yeah Ruv and her have a lot of common and meet up. So yeah both of them can get along Ruv aren't scared of Sarv as a demon and Sarv aren't scared for what Ruv looks like or for what he is. And after they became friends, Sarv change the eyepatch into her ribbon so that Ruv has remembrance of her. Years later Ruv became a wanted criminal because he shot someone and Sarv became the Queen of Hell however and in my guess she gets tired on her demonic works she also do violent acts (maybe she has some cults too before) and feel everything she do it isn't right so she decided to confront God to let her go to heaven's gate however. Because Sarv was a demon God rejected her because for what they believe she is a sinner. So as for that Sarv, Sarv thinks if she prove to God she was a good one and have faith maybe he will let her in the heaven's gate and she decided to make an illusion of a church and be the parish of the church while guiding people in. Some people agrees and she was happy about it. But some people aren't especially at teenagers which they throwing up some pebbles in the church and make fun of her. And that's pissing her off ( maybe that's the reason why BF was almost killed by her when she was mad). But at very small children she is nice and sweet. Sarv is not afraid of anything but she was afraid of moths because she believe it was an evil spirit. She also afraid of shrimps, getting suprised, and concept of mordern day medias. She also knows a lot of language since she live for many centuries. After a long time Ruv hid in the church because afraid of being caught and Sarv found him and instead letting him caught she let him join the church for believing he was a good a hearted one so in my another guess Ruv can't remember her but sure thing Sarv can do because demons has stronger memories than mortals. After that meet, becauee Ruv trusted her so much and she was kind to him he decided to protect her. Well some fans ship them 2 as a couple but they are really just friends and never care for what people thought about them. For the kids who is vandalizing the church and throwing pebbles at church and making Sarv angry. Ruv secretively taking it all back in a worst way. Like if he see you as pebble throwers he will grab a more bigger circle rock and throw it to your limbs causing to have a pain and also he flattening bike tires of children. There's so many facts about this 2 and that's why i love them even they are consider as friends or couple

  21. ' ' why did u record us? That was 2000 years ago.

  22. I dont know why we even gave him that eyepatch


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