Scratchin' Melodii, Parappa and BF play uno together and its amazing - Friday Night Funkin' BPM mod -

Scratchin’ Melodii, Parappa and BF play uno together and its amazing – Friday Night Funkin’ BPM mod

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play Friday night funkin BPM mod Scratchin’ Melodii, Parappa the rapper and Boyfriend are all playing UNO together and it transforms the game into Melodii gameplay and its amazing

Friday night funkin BPM mod –
Friday night funkin parappa mod –

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  1. It's so nice to see the ultimate music games coming together for a friendly game of Uno 👌

  2. Boyfriend can speak English

    He just prefers beeps and boops

  3. It's the coolest Turn Bass BPM mod ever created by all time crossover, sense i may have heard the original Turn Bass BPM song from Mike Geno about a month or nearly 2 months this is something special

  4. just saying in some fnf or in fnf after the week bf speaks english

  5. Bijuu mike please Play B side mod it got New update 2 months Ago.

  6. bro, i swear i had a day dream of this

  7. Ah yes, the video right before Eden's Garden comes out (I'm so angry if it's a livestream and I can't watch it becsause I have school)

  8. Three legends in the same room…just playing uno


  10. Dude as soon as I saw that the music was done by Mike Geno I knew it was gonna slap! They’ve mixed so many bops

  11. Kinda mad.. YOU DIDNT PLAY WEEK ONE WITH PARRAPA! (And 2 and 3)

  12. To those who might not know, BPM can stand for two things:
    Beats Per Minute
    Boyfriend Parappa Melodii

  13. Dude you should play the mistful crimson mod its a very high quality mod

  14. I like how biju says that sunny only liked parrapa when he was about to crap himself it was only when he looked manly and in the second game sunny cares about him even when he’s not a man

  15. Hey mike can you play vs Radi? It's a REALLY good mod 10/10 would recommend you to play it

  16. Dude is it just me but friday night funkin feels very old🐢

  17. Really…? You got demonized just for saying "Funk"… oh man…that's a little sad

  18. I wish Carl the NPC is here that would be so much better his voice is like an angel

  19. bijuu mike you are not the only one who was the friday night funkin songs stuck in your head the song is just sooo good

  20. there is actually a mod that makes it so you can freestyle , it also adds cool mode.

  21. Melodii: Go fish!
    Parappa, Its… Its uno.
    BF: Beep. (yeah,)
    Melodii: How do I play uno?
    BF: [Multiple Beeps n Bops] (Translation: If someone puts down a color, you have to put the same color, but if you have the same card put down but in a different color, you can use that too.)
    Melodii: [Loading.mp4]
    Also Melodii: w u t

  22. Mike: BF hasn't learned English!

    Fresh (Boyfriend Remix): Am I a joke to you?

  23. hi biju mike i an brazilian and i real like this chanel!

  24. Someone Has To Make This Mod Into A Carl Groovy And ForniteFunny All Together Playing Uno 🤨

  25. Sees onion guy put his middle finger up

  26. i been waiting for this mod for so long and now its out 😀

  27. Um, there are parrapa vocals in normal game, just only in the earlier songs

  28. Boyfriend can technically speak english, its canon that he only speaks english in front of those he’s comfortable with. Like GF. But around others, Beep Boop Bop 24/7 Bep!

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