Senpai - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Senpai – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. this doesn't sound right after having obliterated the audio quality once and never fixing the audio file

  2. Has anyone else noticed that this sounds a hell of a lot like Happy People from the first Ace Attorney game? Doesn't help that the characters are visually GBAified.

  3. "Oh god it's that popular kid. He better not bother my sister or I'll have to break his face."

  4. "Roses this" "Stress that" "M.I.L.F"


  5. went to my autism diagnosis appointment listening to this

  6. The instrumental sounds like the title screen theme to a dating sim and I love it!

  7. why does it feel nostalgic, it's been a year!

  8. This is my favorite song in the game yet I can't listen to this without remembering all the crap that went down in my friend group when I was obsessed with FNF and ruining my day

  9. My family still thinks I’m sleeping but I’m listening to this

  10. apparently the erect remix for this song is both ninjamuffin's AND phantomarcade's favorite remix

    can't wait to see what it sounds like

  11. The fact that BF just copies what GF's dad does in the first week but as the weeks progress he stops copying.

  12. Favorite week hands down.
    Best songs, Best rival, and I love the retro filter over the music.
    I just think the filter makes it a bit easier to listen to BF's voice without it being too sharp and high pitched.

  13. Fnf could've just been another solid rhythm game but of course the internet has to ruin it

  14. Ykw let’s expose some people.
    Reply here with a hands up if you actually simped for this man.

  15. I caught my black bull edging to this song while huffing poppers 😂😂😂

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