SEPTUPLE TROUBLE - Triple Trouble Remix [Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic.exe Mod] -

SEPTUPLE TROUBLE – Triple Trouble Remix [Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic.exe Mod]

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Well it’s finally here. My Triple Trouble remix from the Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic.exe mod. This project has been worked on off-and-on for about 4 months now so I’m happy to finally finish it. Enjoy!
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  1. just noticed the dude boppin in the botton left corner

  2. Good song, but the Ad that plays at 5:58 kills the vibe.

    Nothing quite like jamming to some tunes only for a Dishwasher detergent ad to pop up and say Bonjour.

  3. The music is cool god job 😀

    La musica ta genial buen trabajo 😀

    Hablo español XD

  4. Looking at this, it seems Mace managed to escape, thankfully. It hurts to see them like this.

  5. I loved the whole thing but most importantly…

    I ❤ mini retro vibin in the bottom left corner 😂

  6. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🍇😊🥖🤯🥖🤯🥖😈😍😈♾️🍇😜😍😈😍😈😍😈😍😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. Then …why there is a drogon down there???(its rocking,cool)

  8. Retrograde negative Retro are the names I came up with

  9. Backstory on how this happened (Or how I look at it)

    Berserker retro wanted more power but he couldn’t get it in his world, so B.Retro looked through the files of the game, then he messed up all the files, putting them in the wrong place. Bf (/player) went into the world, wanting to play the mod. But since all of the retro characters are .exes now, Bf had to beat them in singing to save them all (Just like DDTO bad end)

    Bf is having a nightmare about Retrospecter and the characters

    Sonic.exe was searching around mods to turn them into .exes and came across the retro mod so sonic hopped into the mod and turned the files into .exe

  10. Being honest maku gave me enough sorry pobreita cut off his arms

  11. Saku looks like she should be in tails’s part, with her eyes

  12. This should Be a song in the Retrospecter mod

  13. Зачем зччееем!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Omg, I've been listening to your stuff for a few months on Spotify now, and had never come by your YouTube channel at all… I love your head-bobbing sona ^.^

  15. Who was the one who was in control in some way. Noting that at the end someone says “what spectacular results”


  17. This is so sad, can we delete each and every single one of these triple trouble covers

  18. RETROSPECTER: 単に驚異的です。 ♥️♥️♥️

  19. Guys just something that I want to say is…..

    There is a little animation in the corner and it’s perfect
    Also the remix and art is perfect to

  20. Крутая песня качает

  21. I wonder what sonic.exe genderswap sounds like if it got remixed

  22. I came back here right now, after the first time I heard this song when it came out, and it's just too good. Thanks so much for your work and keep it up, hope things go well for you and your crew 😊

  23. Retro: watches sonic.exe

    So Retro: Hey, you guys want to become disfigured in creepy-looking just the scare the s*** out boyfriend

    Everyone: Sure

    5mins later: this song

  24. I’m seriously like a year late bud this is a very awesome remix of Triple Trouble! I really like the art styles and the music! Nice work!

  25. I think a good name change would be 'septouple struggle'

  26. Bro, i'm surprised that BF is in the same reaction when RetroSpector first apeard, cuz if it was me i would die by heart attack ;-; (as Xenophane)

    -and i just love retro vibing in the conner :p

  27. Another awesome and cool triple trouble remix super cool I love this one too

  28. this is not triple trouble this is omnipresent its got 8 and a half minutes long of straight notes not to mention like 12 to do it too

  29. at around 4:45 it sounds like maijin (or however you spell it) is also singing which i think is cool

  30. I like the little Retro headbanging in the corner! It's so cute!

  31. My new go to song, best fnf song ever made.
    Now I wonder is someone is going to make a playable version…

  32. Honestly I hope this becomes part of the mod eventually, but with all the seven sins and ace maybe.

  33. I don't know anything about these characters and yet I feel like the cheering and clapping accompanying the scantily clad moth girl missing her eyes and hands is supposed to be part of some kind of ironic hell for her.

  34. Amazing work Retro! Really cool!! I hope to see other remixes with your characters vocals and art!! Keep up the good work RetroSpecter!!

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