SIN OF WRATH VS. KING OF ICE - Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Ace Mod Week 3 Reaction/Showcase -

SIN OF WRATH VS. KING OF ICE – Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Ace Mod Week 3 Reaction/Showcase

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I don’t really play FNF mods anymore but of course I had to make an exception for my bf’s update. Was fun and the songs were good, I don’t really have much else to say. Thanks for watching and go support him!


  1. You, Kamex and Ruvstule are the best content makers on FNF. I am very grateful to you for the masterpieces that you have given to the world. Truth be told, there's a lot I don't know and probably don't understand, but just the fact that you're willing to continue working on your projects, even despite the cost and negativity from the community, already makes you worthy of becoming gods one day. I know for sure that the day will come when every man will be brought before the judgment of the gods. I hope you will be among the judges.

  2. Damn, after all this time, Ace and Retro still make really good music

  3. Awesome to see Kamex pop off again.

  4. Hey retro, it's been awhile since you played an FNF mod once again after 2 years of giving it up, at least you had fun playing the mod that Kamex made for you. I'm hoping sometime down the line, you might have the chance to finally release Vs Retrospecter Part 2, I'm hoping it would be pretty awesome and cool to play once it's finally complete.

  5. Can anyone tell me what is happening in spell with ace having the hypno eyes and the moth there?

    (Also I'm excited that retro played the mod I was waiting for him to play it)

  6. Porque siempre me terminó perdiendo estás cosas😓

  7. Kamex’s music is straight up beautiful 🤩

  8. Una Pregunta quien en la Relación es el "Pasivo" 😊

  9. Bro your mod is AMAZING, don't listen to the haters. Your mod is one of the HIGHEST QUALITY mods out there. Keep uo the good work dude, you are killing it 🗿🍷

  10. I am glad your getting back into fnf. I missed watching your fnf videos.

  11. Saw this and had to go play the new update. All of the new songs are amazing, Kamex did a great job!

    EDIT: Just finished the freeplay songs. I really appreciate how you guys went the route of more relaxing songs instead of some of the "hard" ones where I feel like I'm gonna break my keyboard because my entire screen is filled with notes. Sometimes you just need something slow.

  12. Kamex did an outstanding job with his mod! I still hoping to witness your masterpieces in the part 2 of your mod someday 👌

  13. The extra songs are my favorites but I wish Kamex had made them in mod but the mod is great❤

  14. I love me some mod of kamex x retro holding hands

  15. Hello Retrospecter at least your doing okay,I hope for you and Kamex are in a good day😊

  16. “Let’s play hard because I’m hard” 😂😂😂

  17. Been a while since I’ve seen retro after his mode wonder what happend to the other sins

  18. That form of ace makes me think of asgore from undertale xp

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