Skibidi Toilet vs BF But it's ANIME! | Friday Night Funkin' ANIMATION -

Skibidi Toilet vs BF But it’s ANIME! | Friday Night Funkin’ ANIMATION

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Skibidi toilet Fights BF Friday Night Funkin’ VS Skibidi Toilet

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  1. BF fighting for the right to use the restroom.

  2. Listen, you have this talent, well done, I like how you make animations, but try to convince me, make an animation of the countryhumans war of the USSR and the Third Reich if you make me ashalei

  3. Skibidi toilet is taking revenge bc bf was peeping on his short hair
    Skibidi toilet be like: WtH😱🤬
    Bf : EhEEhhEh 😏😏

  4. … why?

    … Whyyyyyyyy make this that?!?!?!?!😰🤢😤🤢😭

  5. Eu acho que até em versão anime eu acho que até o boi friend é um demônio também

  6. Thats soo cool I've always liked your animations ❤

  7. Wou pol me encanta esta balcánico.o😮😊

  8. Cool BF vs skipidi toilet 😍🤩💪❤️😎😃

  9. It's really disappointing to see these kind of videos you make now, Pol.

  10. That was just one, imagine how impossible it would be for Corrupted Boyfriend to defeat all of the millions of them. Also imagine how powerful just a normal cameraman is.

  11. Can you pls do more rainbow friends vs garden of banban

  12. Puede salir agoti en uno de tus videos 🙃

  13. Cara isso daí tá tão massa faz mais isso daí

  14. It’s been a while, but the wait is over. Bf is back!

  15. Falto sally face de el nadie a echo videos:(

  16. e a continuação de poppy playtime x rainbow friends vs banban

  17. Poor Boyfriend just can't go to the bathroom in peace.

  18. Ben 10 force alien vs rainbow friends

  19. Wi you ever do a bf vs chara megalo strick back

  20. Why do you have to start this off with him taking a whiz?

  21. Why did you have such a long neck?

  22. Skibytoilet should not have a legs

  23. Where is poppy playtime an rainbow friends vs Bam Bam

  24. 1:01 why the hell does gf look like Vegeta. Why. W h y .

  25. Oh no, I had a nightmare today about this video and it scared the crap out me 😢☠️

  26. Teletubbis vs garten of banban ……walten vs red

  27. так жду продолжение надеюсь что парень победит скебиди туалета и вообще не удивлюсь если ещё потом будут камеро мены 0:55 ну кадр с девушкой без комментариев топ однозначна все до встречи увидимся в следующем видео

  28. I had this on when my parents were in the other room so they saw bf peeing..

  29. My boyy went hard on this one salute to my boyy polll💞💞💞💕

  30. cómo pero sino tienen brazos ni piernas

  31. This is an amazing animation pol now im scared to use a toilet💀💖💖

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